OOTD: Summoning spring

Lately I’ve been operating under the theory that if I wear a lot of florals, it’ll make spring come. That’s how weather works, right? 😉

I wore this outfit for a short nature walk over the weekend, where there was plenty of snow but also plenty of sun. We also saw a few cute dogs, including a tiny lab/husky mix puppy with one blue eye and one brown eye!

plus size outfit with black top, rhinestone necklace, and giant flower crown

Top: Apostrophe Woman – thrifted, cardigan: Grace Elements Woman – from a mini-swap with a friend, skirt: Target, leggings: Domino Dollhouse, snow sneakers: L.L. Bean, flower crown: Boohoo, earrings and necklace: Forever 21, bracelet: So Good, sunglasses: Sweet and Lovely

plus size outfit purple cardigan, light pink skirt, and flower crown

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OOTD: Summoning spring

If I wear lots of bright colors and florals, then spring will come more quickly, right? I’m pretty sure that’s how weather works…

plus size pink and yellow floral outfit

Cardigan: Eloquii via clothing swap, dress: Yours Clothing, teggings: Re/Dress, coat: Nicolette Mason for ModCloth, shoes: L.L. Bean, socks: not sure, necklace and bracelets: eBay, earrings: So Good (present from Steve), headband: Gardens of Whimsy

plus size outfit light pink coat and yellow leggings

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OOTD: Pink, purple, and giant flowers

This is what I wore to go blues dancing last week. I hadn’t been to blues in a while, so it was good to be back.

plus size outfit purple top and pink petticoat with flower crown

Tunic: Re/Dress, petticoat: Domino Dollhouse, floral crown: Boohoo, necklace and earrings: Forever 21, bangles: eBay

Putting together this outfit left behind a pile of rejected pieces. In fact, at one point I was wearing the same top in black, and the same petticoat in hot pink, before I switched them out for eggplant and light pink. Domino Dollhouse’s petticoats are the best for any kind of dancing–they’re so full and twirly.

plus size outfit with eggplant asymmetric tunic and pink petticoat and floral crown

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Outfit August, day 31: floral extravaganza

Sometimes people wonder why I wear ginormous flowers on my head all the time. The day trip I took to Shelburne Falls yesterday confirmed the two main reasons: it makes me feel more like myself, and it gets positive reactions from people everywhere I go.

plus size outfit black top and pink and purple flower crown

Top and skirt: thrifted, flower crown: Boohoo, necklace: vintage key on a chain, earrings: from a little shop in Shelburne Falls

I figured I’d wear my biggest flower crown to visit the Bridge of Flowers–because when in Rome, dress like the scenery, right? I got so many compliments from strangers, and even had two different people ask if they could take my picture. I love when random people want to photograph me–it makes me feel so famous. 🙂 And in general, I love fa(t)shion as a conversation starter: a way to have small positive interactions with friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike.

me and steve smelling pink hibiscus flowers on the bridge of flowers in shelburne falls

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Outfit August, day 10: Frida-esque

I wasn’t consciously inspired by Frida Kahlo when I put together this outfit, but many of my friends commented that it looks like a tribute to her. I’ll take it!

plus size red dress and flower crown

Dress: Old Navy via clothing swap, shoes: Clarks, flower crown: Crown & Glory,  fat necklace: Fancy Lady Industries, tattoo choker: eBay, studded wristband: PacSun, earrings and spike wristband: So Good

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Outfit August day 9: floral extravaganza

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I discovered quite possibly the most exciting thing ever: a farm where you can pick your own flowers!

plus size outfit purple and burgundy standing in field of sunflowers

top and necklace: clothing swap, skirt: thrifted, headband: Crown & Glory, earrings: Lithia’s Creations, bracelets: Torrid and Deb, shoes: Brooks

There’s nothing quite so wonderful as being surrounded by flowers with a pair of scissors and free reign to pick as many as you can fit in a jar. It’s cheap, too–only $6.25 for a large jar, which is far less than flowers cost at the supermarket or even the farmer’s market.

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