OOTD: Friendship is Magic, part 2

Awaiting your latest pony fatshion fix? Well, you’re in luck.

I got this amazing My Little Pony Season 2 cast shirt from We Love Fine, and paired it up with my thrifted wide-leg jeans.

Shirt: We Love Fine, jeans: thrifted, jacket and key necklace: gifted, plastic beaded necklace and bracelets: homemade, green bracelet: This Star Won’t Go Out Foundation, Tetris bracelet: Par Amour Design on Etsy (shop no longer available) , purse and rose ring: not sure, pink bangles: Deb, rhinestone bangle: Wet Seal, rhinestone stretchy bracelet: Forever 21, heart ring: the Toy Chest, headband: eBay, Scrabble tile earrings: Joie de Vivre

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Flashback: Alloy

It’s time for more late ’90s/early ’00s catalog nostalgia!

Alloy had only a limited selection of plus sizes at some times (and, from the last few times I’ve checked their website, the amount of plus-size clothing varies from decent to nearly nothing). My nostalgia for them, like Delia*s, is mixed with that shitty feeling of being left out–but it’s nostalgia nonetheless.

Rainbow stovepipe jeans, how I wish you were still a thing.

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Flashback: wide-leg jeans

As I mentioned not long ago, I have a special love for the wide-leg, skater-style jeans of the late ’90s.

On a recent trip to my parents’ house,  I dug up a few pictures of myself wearing my beloved pair. Please ignore the terrible bangs, and the stoned-looking expression I have in one of the pictures. Come to think of it, ignore the baggy tie-dye t-shirt as well. Just focus on the sheer beauty of those pants.

I had the posing thing down.

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Bring back wide-leg jeans!

Remember when JNCO jeans were a thing? And shiny Airwalks? Or am I dating myself?

Although my style has evolved over the years, I’ve never outgrown my love of super-wide-leg jeans. I had an amazing pair that I wore all the time in seventh grade, and if they still fit, I’d be wearing them right now.

I don’t have a picture of them at the moment–I’ll have to look through my old boxes of photos next time I’m at my parents’ house!–but they were from Weathervane and looked something like these:

My preeeeccciouuuussss…

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