About Tutus and Tiny Hats

This is not your average fatshion blog.

Originally, I started posting outfit pictures and resources with the aim of filling the underserved goth/punk/otherwise “alternative” niche in the fatshion-o-sphere.

I saw (and still see) fatshion blogging as a way to make fat bodies visible on our own terms, to challenge the 386,170 fat-negative messages per year that our culture throws at us. To say, with apologies to the queer rights movement: “We’re here, we’re fat, and we’re freaking fabulous!”

Somewhere along the line, I realized I had a lot more to say. About a lot of things.

So this blog has grown from one focused mainly on alt-fatshion to a collection of my thoughts about climate change, activism, the economy, gender, and more. But there are still plenty of outfit pictures involving tutus, tiny hats, glitter bows, spikes, petticoats, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Come for the shiny things, stay for the reflections.

4 thoughts on “About Tutus and Tiny Hats

  1. Hi Laura! I tried to find a way to private message but couldn’t find an email. I am blog moderator for ASDAH’s blog and I usually always accept your links and soooo appreciate when you call attention to the blog in Tutus. This week though, the link is a bit confusing because it mentions Andy Richter (who I adore btw) and then has the link to Daxle’s piece. I’m technically not supposed to do that. Is there any way you can have the link lead be the title of Daxle’s piece instead? Sorry to trouble about this especially considering how totally awesome you are!!! Warmly, Deah (aka Dr. Deah)

    • Hi Deah,

      Thanks for your kind words! 🙂 I have an email address listed in the “About Me” section, but you’re not the first person who has had trouble finding it, so I will make it clearer!

      I just checked the Sun Links post and I’m not sure what the problem is–I see “Andy Richter demonstrates the best way to respond to a fat joke made publicly about you” with a link to Lesley’s XOJane post on one line, and then “Social barriers to intuitive eating” with a link to Daxle’s post on the next line. Does it show up differently for you?


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