Boston-Area Fat-Positive Resources, Groups, and Businesses
Big Fat Fun
The Big Thrifty: A Day of Bargain Shopping for FATshionistas
The Boston Area Fatties Meetup Group on Facebook (which I started!)
Curve Appeal Boston Chapter
Curvy Boston
Eve Tribal Bellydance (ok, they’re actually in Worcester, but sometimes they come here)
More To Love With Rachel
Nadira Jamal, Bellydancer
Style Your Curves
The Thicky Chicky (online boutique based in Boston)

Climate Change, the Environment, and Sustainability
Transition Culture
Yes! Magazine
We Are PowerShift
Wen Stephenson at the Nation

Climate Activism Resources
Go Fossil Free

Critical Fashion Blogs
A L’Allure Garconniere
Already Pretty
Listen Girlfriends!
The Closet Feminist

Fat Acceptance
Adipose Activist
Dances With Fat
Fat Additives
Fat Can Dance
Fat Heffalump
The Fat Nutritionist
Fit Fatties Forum
Health At Every Size Blog
Living ~400 lbs.
The Militant Baker
The Nearsighted Owl
Obesity Timebomb
Redefining Body Image
The Shapely Prose Archive
Stacy Bias
The Body Is Not An Apology
Virgie Tovar
XOJane – Lesley Kinzel (formerly of Two Whole Cakes) and Marianne Kirby (formerly of The Rotund)

Affatshionista M.ama F.atty
Big Guy Flyy
Blog to be Alive
Buttercup’s Frocks
Colourful Curves
Culture Shocked
Cupcake’s Clothes
The Curvy and Curly Closet
Extra Large As Life
Fashion Hayley
Fashion Love and Martinis
Fat Aus!
Fatshion February
Fatshion Peepshow
Flashion Affair
From the Rez to the City
The Glitter Thread
Gothic Charm School
Grown and Curvy Woman
Hey, Fat Chick!
His Black Dress
The Icing On My Cupcake
I Like Pretty Clothes
In My Joi
Just Me Leah
Musings of a Curvy Lady
No Small Affair
Not So Starving
Plump Pinup Life and Style
Pocket Rocket Fashion
Pretty Cannibal Girl
Queen Sized Flava
Queer Fat Femme
Resist Fashion Assimiliation
Señora Allnut
ShapEly Louise
Sort Life Out Buy Milk
Style is Style
Stylish, Geeky, and Dark
Sugar and Spice
Wait Until the Sunset
When in Doubt Wear Purple
Work It Own It Use It!
Zero Style

Other Style Blogs
Advanced Style
African Prints in Fashion
Butterflies on Mars
Eff Yeah Indigenous Fashion!
Helga Von Trollop
Idiosyncratic Fashionistas
Le Vaisseau Selenite
Little Chief Honeybee
Misfits Vintage
Peetee’s Palace
Pull Your Socks Up!
Sara’s In Love With…
Scathingly Brilliant
Style Crone
Style Sud-Est

Race, Gender, Class, Etc.
Balancing Jane
Black Girl Dangerous
Brown Star Girl
Critical Writings by Janet Mock
Crunk Feminist Collective
Flyover Feminism
Gradient Lair
Hood Feminism
My Ecdysis
Sarah Kendzior
Sociology on the Margins
Radically Mad
Red Light Politics
Spectra Speaks
This Ain’t Livin’

Other Blogs I Like
Anytime Yoga
Captain Awkward
Elodie Under Glass
Granite Bunny
The Pervocracy
The Vlogbrothers

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