Sunday links, 3/22/15

Giant ice floes that I saw last weekend on Cape Cod.

Giant ice floes that I saw last weekend on Cape Cod.

-35 plus size Instagram babes rocking crop tops.
-Melissa McCarthy’s clothing line will launch in August. Woohoo!
-30 plus size skirts for spring.
-Why banning models with a low BMI is a bad idea.
-How to DIY a watercolor headband.
-Rihanna’s all-pink outfit is everything.
-I love Marie Antoinette’s stunning costumes at the Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago (more pictures here).
-Sports Authority announces plus size activewear launch–and that’s kind of a huge deal.
-What elements can make items of clothing read as “young” or “old”?
-Re/Dress is hiring, for two positions in Cleveland and one online.

Fat Acceptance
-We’re not lapping people on the couch.
-Contribute to the Saving Juicy’s Ass Fund to help a fat activist and burlesque dancer through a health crisis.
-Vice interviews Substantia Jones about the Adipositivity Project (not work-safe).

woman standing on top of ice floe on beach looking proud

I have conquered the ice!

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OOTD: Old world glamour

I got this shirt at the Big Thrifty last year, and it’s become one of my workweek wardrobe staples. I love the bright, colorful poppies. The pants are also a work staple. I don’t love how they look, but finding soft, stretchy, short-length pants that fit me properly is hard enough, so whenever I find a pair, I don’t care much about the aesthetics.

I’ve got my eye on these scuba-jersey flare pants from Eurostyle Plus, but I’m wary of buying pants from sites that don’t have free returns, because the likelihood that they’ll fit me is so low. Most of the time, I don’t mind buying clothing online–but when it comes to pants, I really wish I had lots of options to try on in-store.

plus size outfit red floral top, black pants, leopard cardigan

Top: Lane Bryant via the Big Thrifty, shrug: Re/Dress, pants: Yours Clothing, shoes: L.L. Bean, jewelry: So Good

plus size outfit red poppy floral shirt and black pants

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Sunday Links, 3/15/15

ice shaped like heart on snow-covered lake

Climate and Sustainability
-23 women in the climate movement who inspire us.
-50 years after Selma, a search for environmental justice.
-In 2014, for the first time in 40 years, global CO2 emissions have stalled, but…
-Bill McKibben: Climate change won’t wait for Paris: vive la resistance!
-George Monbiot on the UN climate conferences’ failure to address the production end of fossil fuels: “There is nothing random about the pattern of silence that surrounds our lives. Silences occur where powerful interests are at risk of exposure.”
-Naomi Klein: How will everything change under climate change?
-We need regenerative farming, not geoengineering.
-Jordan’s 6,000 mosques will soon all have rooftop solar.
-The USDA is helping rural farmers get their own renewable energy.
-10 myths about fossil fuel divestment put to the sword.
-“Man-made” climate change is a major women’s problem.
-There’s a local flower movement blooming.
-Why bike lanes are battle lines for justice.
-These urban farmers want to feed the whole neighborhood–for free.
-I would love to live in an urban treehouse.

-Celebrate the style of these 8 women for International Women’s Day.
-I love Leah’s photoshoot with Jim Hawkins.
-Nancy reviews Chaffree anti-chub-rub shorts.
-Mei Smith NYC will bring indie designers to plus size customers.
-Why I love altering my shape with corseting (and it has nothing to do with looking thinner).
-9 oversized floral looks from the Spring 2015 runways.
-Lust list: the Curvy Couture Roadshow 2015.
-18 places to buy colorful lipstick.
-Harriet Parry’s dramatic floral headpieces are everything. I also love this dress made of flowers and this tulle dress adorned with flowers. Continue reading

OOTD: Casual goth

While getting ready for brunch over the weekend, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to wear a t-shirt or go full-out goth. So I ended up doing both, and I’m really happy with how the outfit came out.

plus size outfit goth with t-shirt and red velvet skirt

T-shirt: TeeTurtle, cardigan: Kohl’s, skirt: Cloak & Dagger Creations, leggings: Re/Dress, shoes: L.L. Bean, necklace: Domino Dollhouse, flower crown: Crown & Glory, wristbands: So Good, earrings: small shop in Paris

plus size outfit with evil bunny t-shirt, skull necklace, and red black gray flower crown

I see Cloak & Dagger around town at various festivals and conventions, and I really appreciate that they always carry plus size items. There’s nothing like being able to try on fun pieces of clothing in person.

Last year at Arisia, I bought a gorgeous green velvet Renaissance gown from them. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, but I hope I will soon! Continue reading

OOTD: Seeing stars

Red and leopard print is a classic combination that I just can’t stop wearing. I wore this outfit to a friend’s Pacific Rim-themed birthday party, which was a lot of fun. There was even a cake with a Kaiju (for those who haven’t seen the movie, they’re basically giant sea-monsters with a Godzilla-like propensity for stomping on cities) coming out of it, and “Kaiju sushi” made of Rice Krispie treats covered in blue Jell-O.

plus size outfit red star dress and leopard cardigan

Dress, leggings, necklace, and earrings: Domino Dollhouse, cardigan: Notations – thrifted, shoes: L.L. Bean, headband: Crown & Glory, wristbands: So Good, belt: Re/Dress

I think I might like Domino Dollhouse…just a little. ;)

plus size outfit red and black star dress

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