OOTD: Sundress and roses

On Friday night, I went to a friend’s party. I wanted to be both comfortable and a little dressy, so I went with this white maxi dress from Old Navy (which I got a few years ago for $15!), my favorite flower crown, and a bunch of rhinestone jewelry.

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Fashion inspiration from mainstream mags

As you might guess, I’m not the biggest fan of mainstream fashion magazines. But every once in a while, I flip through one and come across something genuinely interesting.

I saw this fabulous headpiece in a friend’s Marie Claire:

I am 100% in favor of giant flowers.

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Friday links, brought to you by…the universe.

When I grow up, I want to live in a leopard house.

In other Cool Buildings news, check out this French school.

A great post about celebrating life achievements other than weddings and babies: I Get Presents for Being Single and You Should Too

Also from XoJane, fun fashion advice from both Emily and Lesley.

Last but not least, some inspiration: Crazy Talk: The Do-What-You-Love Guide

Happy weekend!

Bring back wide-leg jeans!

Remember when JNCO jeans were a thing? And shiny Airwalks? Or am I dating myself?

Although my style has evolved over the years, I’ve never outgrown my love of super-wide-leg jeans. I had an amazing pair that I wore all the time in seventh grade, and if they still fit, I’d be wearing them right now.

I don’t have a picture of them at the moment–I’ll have to look through my old boxes of photos next time I’m at my parents’ house!–but they were from Weathervane and looked something like these:

My preeeeccciouuuussss…

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