Fatshion February, day 1: Glitter space cat

It’s Fatshion February, woo! Here’s what I wore yesterday to watch the Puppy Bowl with friends (including Maggie of Curvy Broke Fashion, whose outfit post you can see here). Maggie and I are always on the same fashion wavelength without even trying. ūüôā

me and friend wearing colorful outfits

Dress and leggings: Domino Dollhouse, belt: ASOS Curve, cardigan: Talbots – thrifted, snow boots: from my mom, headband: Crown & Glory, earrings and necklace: small shops whose names I forget, clutch: Claire’s, bracelet: So Good, lipstick: NYX Macaron in Blue Velvet, sunglasses: Sweet and Lovely, backpack: MadPax via Amazon

plus size outfit galaxy dress in front of diner

I wanted to wear something puppy-themed for the occasion, but I realized I didn’t have anything, so I went with the next closest thing: cat accessories. The clutch/makeup bag is too small to really be useful, but I brought it with me for pictures because it was so freaking cute and because it matched the metallic light pink of my headband. I was also wearing my favorite glitter eyeliner, Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal, but it’s hard to¬†see it¬†in the pictures. I’m wearing it here in Spandex, on top of silver eyeshadow, and I also have it in¬†Midnight Cowboy and ACDC. I don’t wear it that often, but I really should because it’s fabulous.

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Indie designer spotlight: LovelyMsLevecks

collage of three punky clothing items with skulls and plaid

I found LovelyMsLevecks recently and fell in love. As the shop’s site says:

LovelyMsLevecks is a one woman operation specializing in one of a kind plus size clothing. I offer a little something for everyone. Whether you like punk, gothic, rockabilly or boho styles, LovelyMsLevecks has something to help you rock those curves!

The clothes feature so many stylistic elements that appeal to me: skulls, mesh, mixed prints, a girly-tough aesthetic.

collage of three pink and purple punky clothing items

They¬†come in sizes 1x – 4x, and¬†the designer, Aubry,¬†also does custom sizing. She can even take a shirt you already own and alter it, which is a great way to get something new out of an old piece–and is also cheaper than her regular pieces.

The items are¬†pretty¬†cheap for hand-made clothes: $28 – $36 for tops, $24 – $44 for bottoms, and $35 – $66 for dresses. I¬†highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking for something punky and unique!

The items featured in this post are:
1.) 2x cheetah spots and plaid top – $32¬†– I’ve loved the combination of leopard print¬†and red plaid ever since I saw it in a teen magazine back in the late ’90s, so it always makes me happy to see them together.
2.) 4x skull print bib tee – $34
3.) 4x skull and stud capri leggings – $25
4.) No longer available – from the LovelyMsLevecks Facebook page¬†– I just really love this one! And it’s possible that you could get one like it, since Aubry is willing to re-create sold-out designs as long as she has enough of the fabric.)
5.) 2x galaxy tunic – $34
6.) 3x pink spiders and webs top – $29 – This one reminds me of the ’90s too, in the best way! It would look awesome wih a black tutu, combat boots, and a ball chain necklace.

OOTD: Galaxy and glitter

selfie of me wearing galaxy dress and sparkly hair bow in front of street art

Fashion blogger problems:¬†you can have either a great background or someone to take your picture, but not both at once.¬†(I do have a tripod, but I hate lugging it around, and I feel awkward using it in public, so I don’t end up using it often.)

So here’s a selfie in front of a mural, and the rest of the outfit pictures in front of my usual wall.

plus size outfit domino dollhouse galaxy dress

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Pretty things I’m drooling over right now: dark florals and pink leopard

As the weather finally gets cool enough for cardigans¬†and leggings, I’ve been eyeing warm-looking pink fuzzy sweaters and all things darkly romantic: lace, leather, tulle,¬†dark¬†florals. I’m also still obsessed with all things holographic (although somehow I haven’t managed to acquire any yet). What types of pretties have you been loving this fall, or spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere?

Dark romantic


Pretty pink things


Pretty black, holographic, and galaxy-print things


#FatshionFebruary, day 17: out of this world

Almost finished catching up on my outfits from the last few days…

Dress: Domino Dollhouse, teggings and belt: Re/Dress, boots: Target, shoe clips: Head Full of Feathers, necklace: a store whose name I don’t remember in Jamaica Plain, earrings: Faces, flower crown: Crown & Glory, heart ring: Shana Logic

Do I ever miss an opportunity to twirl around in the middle of the street? Of course not.

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On fatkinis and exclusion

News of Gabi Gregg’s new swimsuit collection has been making the rounds in the fatshion-sphere. I’m of two minds about it…

On one hand, how amazing is that galaxy print fatkini? I’d wear the shit out of that. It looks like the top might even be decently supportive. And although I’m not a fan of high-waisted anything, the bottoms are designed to be rolled down.

I’ve never worn a fatkini before, and if I had the money to buy one right now, this is one I’d love to start with.

But…the collection, like so many plus size lines, only goes up to a size 24.

It’s so frustrating how common the arbitrary size limit of 24 is for the many of the cutest, trendiest plus size clothes. It leaves so many people out.

In this case, it’s especially frustrating, because the collection starts at a size 10. Women who wear a size 10, 12, 14, sometimes even 16 or 18 can find their sizes in straight sized stores. It seems unfair that they’re being given yet another option, while options in a 24+ are so limited.

Just once, I’d like to see a plus size line that starts at 20 or 22 or 24. I understand that it takes a certain amount of time/effort/money to draft patterns in different sizes, so a new line might not be able to make a large range of sizes–but why start at 10, which isn’t even a plus size? Why not 14-28, 18-32, 22-36?

I’m happy to see fatkinis making news, and I give Gabi credit for doing something creative and cool, but…it just sucks to see women who wear sizes 24+ be excluded yet again. It sucks how often plus size clothing lines are presented as revolutionary when they leave so many people out. It sucks that the same people keep getting left out, over and over again.