Domino Dollhouse’s Doll Parts collection is everything

You guys, Domino Dollhouse has a new collection inspired by ’90s female musicians. This is literally the best thing ever.

domino dollhouse model wearing "only happy when it rains" t-shirt, red plaid skirt, and leopard vest

Red plaid, leopard, daisy print, and lyrics from Garbage and Hole? Yessssssss. I’m also excited that most of the items are cotton, and they’re a bit cheaper than many of DD’s previous collections.

Here are a few pictures of the collection, and then some music to get you in the angsty-girl-power mood:

domino dollhouse weddnesday addams dress

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Alternative Curves: Black (ok, actually dark purple) lipstick

This month’s Alternative Curves theme is black lipstick, which is something I love. But while putting together an outfit, I realized that I couldn’t find my black lipstick, so I decided to go with dark purple instead. I’ve been meaning to get a good-quality black lipstick anyway, so if I find one within the month, I’ll do another post.

plus size outfit crop top, black skirt, and pink hair buns

Crop top: Xhilaration via clothing swap (actually a straight size top that fits me like a crop top), skirt: Elementz – thrifted, jacket: Domino Dollhouse, shoes: Buffalo Exchange, earrings: Sadie Green’s, mood necklace: Claire’s, tattoo choker necklace and bracelet: eBay, spike wristband: Hot Topic, spike and stud wristband: So Good, skull ring: Torrid, lipstick: NYX Wicked Lippie in Betrayal

plus size outfit grayish blue crop top and pink hair buns

I got the skirt on my most recent trip to Savers, which is seriously the best thrift store ever. It’s a bit more expensive than the average thrift store, but they also have the best plus size selection I’ve ever seen. Continue reading

My feature on Portraits of America, wheee!

picture of woman wearing black coat and galaxy print dress

A few weeks ago, I was coming out of a burrito place when a guy asked if he could take my picture. It turned out he was the photographer behind Portraits of America (formerly Portraits of Boston), which was exciting because I’ve always secretly hoped that I’d end up on one of those street photography sites.

He asked me all sorts of questions, which were hard for me to answer because I’m not great at coming up with soundbites on the spot. But I managed to think of a few things to say about fashion, blogging, and body positivity. When he posted the picture, which you can see here, I was glad to see that the quotes came out well.

New readers who found my blog through that post, welcome! I haven’t been blogging as much as usual lately because I’ve been busy with wedding planning (!!), but feel free to read through my archives, where I’ve written about everything from fat fashion to climate change to how people could make a living in a just, sustainable economy (plus, of course, lots of outfit pictures).

Outfit details: Dress and leggings: Domino Dollhouse, coat: not sure (I’ve had it pretty much forever), purse: LeSportSac via eBay, headband: Crown & Glory, shoes and backpack: L.L. Bean

OOTD: Casual goth

While getting ready for brunch over the weekend, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to wear a t-shirt or go full-out goth. So I ended up doing both, and I’m really happy with how the outfit came out.

plus size outfit goth with t-shirt and red velvet skirt

T-shirt: TeeTurtle, cardigan: Kohl’s, skirt: Cloak & Dagger Creations, leggings: Re/Dress, shoes: L.L. Bean, necklace: Domino Dollhouse, flower crown: Crown & Glory, wristbands: So Good, earrings: small shop in Paris

plus size outfit with evil bunny t-shirt, skull necklace, and red black gray flower crown

I see Cloak & Dagger around town at various festivals and conventions, and I really appreciate that they always carry plus size items. There’s nothing like being able to try on fun pieces of clothing in person.

Last year at Arisia, I bought a gorgeous green velvet Renaissance gown from them. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, but I hope I will soon! Continue reading

OOTD: Seeing stars

Red and leopard print is a classic combination that I just can’t stop wearing. I wore this outfit to a friend’s Pacific Rim-themed birthday party, which was a lot of fun. There was even a cake with a Kaiju (for those who haven’t seen the movie, they’re basically giant sea-monsters with a Godzilla-like propensity for stomping on cities) coming out of it, and “Kaiju sushi” made of Rice Krispie treats covered in blue Jell-O.

plus size outfit red star dress and leopard cardigan

Dress, leggings, necklace, and earrings: Domino Dollhouse, cardigan: Notations – thrifted, shoes: L.L. Bean, headband: Crown & Glory, wristbands: So Good, belt: Re/Dress

I think I might like Domino Dollhouse…just a little. 😉

plus size outfit red and black star dress

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Fatshion February, day 28: The witch in the enchanted palace

On Saturday, I went out with my brother and Steve for a dinner at Max Brenner, an awesome chocolate-themed restaurant. On the way there, we stopped at the Fairmont Copley Plaza to visit Carly the adorable pup and take a few outfit pictures. I wish I could take outfit pictures in a fancy hotel every day…

plus size outfit black cloud dress and sequined cardigan

Dress, leggings, and necklace: Domino Dollhouse, cardigan: Kohl’s, belt: ASOS Curve, boots: from my mom, flower crown: Crown & Glory, earrings: small shop in Paris, wristband: So Good, bangles: miscellaneous, lipstick: NYX Wicked Lippie in Risque

me with black labrador dog in fancy hotel

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Fatshion February, day 12: red hearts

I wore Valentine’s themed outfits in the days leading up to V-Day, although unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of my outfit on Friday (day 13), because that’s when Steve and I left for a weekend in New York. I went straight from work to the train station, and by the time we got to our hotel in NYC, it was nearly 1 a.m. and I was too exhausted to take pictures. I’ll try to re-wear that outfit soon so I can get pictures of it, though.

close-up of my head with curly hair and red and white polka dot bow

Dress and leggings: Domino Dollhouse, blazer: Torrid, belt: ASOS Curve, headband: Crown & Glory, shoes: L.L. Bean, jewelry: miscellaneous

plus size outfit gray dress and red headband

This headband came in my February Glitterati box, and I love it. It’s not my usual style, but I really like how it looks on me–and it reminds of Rosie the Riveter’s red bandana. You can see Leah wearing the same headband here, with an adorable matching dress! Continue reading

Fatshion February, day 10, part 1

I’m finally starting to feel better, but still stuck at home due to the snow, so I had some fun playing dress-up with my new Crown & Glory pieces. Next time I wear this marabou crown, I’ll have to find a darker background–it doesn’t show up that well against the white wall.

plus size outfit galaxy leggings pink skirt and black tunic

Tunic: Re/Dress, skirt: eBay (very old), leggings: Domino Dollhouse, belt: ASOS Curve, cardigan: Talbots – thrifted, slippers: Snoozies via Amazon, bracelets and earrings: So Good, necklace: Forever 21, headband: Crown & Glory, clutch: Claire’s

plus size outfit black tunic and pink accessories

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Fatshion February, day 1: Glitter space cat

It’s Fatshion February, woo! Here’s what I wore yesterday to watch the Puppy Bowl with friends (including Maggie of Curvy Broke Fashion, whose outfit post you can see here). Maggie and I are always on the same fashion wavelength without even trying. 🙂

me and friend wearing colorful outfits

Dress and leggings: Domino Dollhouse, belt: ASOS Curve, cardigan: Talbots – thrifted, snow boots: from my mom, headband: Crown & Glory, earrings and necklace: small shops whose names I forget, clutch: Claire’s, bracelet: So Good, lipstick: NYX Macaron in Blue Velvet, sunglasses: Sweet and Lovely, backpack: MadPax via Amazon

plus size outfit galaxy dress in front of diner

I wanted to wear something puppy-themed for the occasion, but I realized I didn’t have anything, so I went with the next closest thing: cat accessories. The clutch/makeup bag is too small to really be useful, but I brought it with me for pictures because it was so freaking cute and because it matched the metallic light pink of my headband. I was also wearing my favorite glitter eyeliner, Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal, but it’s hard to see it in the pictures. I’m wearing it here in Spandex, on top of silver eyeshadow, and I also have it in Midnight Cowboy and ACDC. I don’t wear it that often, but I really should because it’s fabulous.

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Mini OOTD: night-time sparkle

plus size outfit glitter and sequins in dark colors

I didn’t get a full picture of this outfit I wore back in mid-December–I don’t even remember what I was wearing on bottom–but I really liked how this selfie came out. When I posted it on Facebook, one of my friends commented, “You look fantastic, the stars of the Longest Night personified!”

I love when I put together an outfit just because it looks pretty, because I’m drawn to certain pieces, and then my friends come up with interpretations that make so much sense. Maybe I should always crowdsource the meanings behind my outfits. 😉

Top: thrifted, jacket: Kohl’s, necklace: eBay, earrings: Domino Dollhouse, bow: Crown & Glory