Outfit August day 9: floral extravaganza

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I discovered quite possibly the most exciting thing ever: a farm where you can pick your own flowers!

plus size outfit purple and burgundy standing in field of sunflowers

top and necklace: clothing swap, skirt: thrifted, headband: Crown & Glory, earrings: Lithia’s Creations, bracelets: Torrid and Deb, shoes: Brooks

There’s nothing quite so wonderful as being surrounded by flowers with a pair of scissors and free reign to pick as many as you can fit in a jar. It’s cheap, too–only $6.25 for a large jar, which is far less than flowers cost at the supermarket or even the farmer’s market.

plus size purple and burgundy outfit with flower crown in flower field

As usual, I did my best to match my surroundings by wearing a ginormous flower crown.

purple cameo earring and burgundy/purple flower crown

plus size purple outfit with flowers in field

me and steve standing in field with flowers

bouquet of colorful flowers in a field

flower field

Rawr! I will cut ALL THE FLOWERS!

me standing in flower field with scissors going

pink and purple flowers in field

blue flower in field

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