Outfit August, day 10: Frida-esque

I wasn’t consciously inspired by Frida Kahlo when I put together this outfit, but many of my friends commented that it looks like a tribute to her. I’ll take it!

plus size red dress and flower crown

Dress: Old Navy via clothing swap, shoes: Clarks, flower crown: Crown & Glory,  fat necklace: Fancy Lady Industries, tattoo choker: eBay, studded wristband: PacSun, earrings and spike wristband: So Good

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OOTD: Unicorns and playing dress-up with puppies

I wore this to a clothing swap/picnic that I co-hosted with a friend this weekend. One of the best parts of the event: her boyfriend had to dog-sit for his mom’s dogs at the last minute, so he brought them along. I particularly bonded with the yellow lab, who reminded me so much of the lab I grew up with…and I had a bit too much fun dressing her up. That’s what dogs are for, right? 😉

unicorn skirt, purple tank, and punk vest outfit

Top: Lane Bryant via clothing swap, skirt:  two small skirts from the Buffalo Exchange sewn together by a friend, vest: Torrid via the Big Thrifty, fascinator: a vendor whose name I forget at a local craft fair, earrings (made out of plastic bath mats!): The Blue Cloud Gallery, necklace: Fancy Lady Industries, spiked bracelet: So Good, studded wristband: PacSun

Holly looked like a rockstar in my sunglasses. 🙂

yellow lab dog wearing pink heart-shaped sunglasses

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#FatshionFebruary, day 26: coolest of the cool kids

I admit, I felt pretty badass wearing this outfit (which I wore to hang out with friends and meet their adorable kitties).

Dress: Pop Up Plus NY, pleather jacket: Torrid via clothing swap, leggings: Cult of California via Zulily, belt: Re/Dress, necklace: Fancy Lady Industries, earrings: Faces, cat ears: Crown & Glory, boots: Target, shoe clips: Head Full of Feathers, bracelets: So Good, Deb, Torrid, and yard sale, rings: old

Isn’t Queen Cordelia just the cutest, most ridiculous creature ever?

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OOTD: Hello Kitty love

This is the outfit I wore to the Big Thrifty back in May–yes, I know, I’m still catching up on outfit posts!

The skirt is reversible–you can see me wearing the other side here. I also have the same skirt in turquoise/brown, which you can see here and here. Reversible skirts are the best.

top: Old Navy, skirt: yard sale (for $1!), sneakers: Sugar Shoes via eBay a million years ago, headband: a toy store in Western Mass, earrings and rose necklace: So Good, fat necklace: Fancy Lady Industries, bangle: Deb, wristband: Macy’s

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And the ethics of fatshion get even more complicated…

Natalie Perkins—fatshionista, writer, and creator of the iconic fat necklace–has a very interesting piece up on XoJane.

Titled “When activism gave way to advertising: how fat girl blogging ate itself,” it argues…well, exactly what the title says.

Fatshion blogs have largely evolved to be in step with large clothing brands, and I fear that the joining of oppressed and oppressor in brand relationships is not furthering fat activism. I don’t begrudge authors of blogs deriving an income from advertising, but I’m concerned with the increasing hand that brands have in blog content.

My feelings about all of this are complicated, but first of all, I admire Natalie for speaking up. She’s an amazing writer, and it takes guts to criticize a such a popular model of blogging.

When I have many conflicted thoughts about something (as I often do–ever heard the saying that between two Jews, there are three opinions?), I find it helps to number them. So, here goes.

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