Outfit August, day 31: floral extravaganza

Sometimes people wonder why I wear ginormous flowers on my head all the time. The day trip I took to Shelburne Falls yesterday confirmed the two main reasons: it makes me feel more like myself, and it gets positive reactions from people everywhere I go.

plus size outfit black top and pink and purple flower crown

Top and skirt: thrifted, flower crown: Boohoo, necklace: vintage key on a chain, earrings: from a little shop in Shelburne Falls

I figured I’d wear my biggest flower crown to visit the Bridge of Flowers–because when in Rome, dress like the scenery, right? I got so many compliments from strangers, and even had two different people ask if they could take my picture. I love when random people want to photograph me–it makes me feel so famous. 🙂 And in general, I love fa(t)shion as a conversation starter: a way to have small positive interactions with friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike.

me and steve smelling pink hibiscus flowers on the bridge of flowers in shelburne falls

plus size outfit on flower bridge - magenta skirt, black top, rose flower crown

The flower bridge was gorgeous as always, especially with all the dahlias in bloom.

shelburne falls bridge of flowers

pinkish purple dahlias

lavender, orange dahlias, and black eyed susan flowers

pink flower

flowers overlooking the river on the shelburne falls bridge of flowers

This rose had the most amazing scent, almost like a peach.

hot pink and yellow rose

dahlias and pink flowers

dark pink dahlia

light pink rose

In addition to the flower bridge, we also stopped in my favorite bookstore, Boswell’s Books, which is run by a very erudite kitty.

boswell's books front door and flag with picture of cat

black and white cat sitting on chair in boswell's books bookstore

boswell cat sitting on chair near bookshelf

After spending some time in the town center, we took a ridiculously steep hike up to the fire tower. We had attempted the same hike a few months ago, the last time Steve, my brother, and I met up my parents in Western Massachusetts. That time, my mom and I gave up after about ten minutes and walked around the town instead, while the menfolk successfully reached the summit.

This time, the weather was less humid and the ground was less slippery, so we stuck it out. It was an intense hike–tough on the calves going up, and painful on the toes going down. I’m glad I did it, but I will definitely never hike that trail again.

woman sitting on rock with hiking pole, wearing flower crown

At long last, we reached the fire tower.

stone fire towe on top of mountain

The views from the top were spectacular: in every direction, fields and rolling hills blanketed in late-afternoon sunlight. There’s nothing quite like being on top of a mountain and seeing a panorama of wilderness, dotted with only the smallest hints of civilization.

It always makes my heart happy to see just how much of Massachusetts is still green and wild.

aerial view of fields and forests in western massachusetts from top of mountain


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