#FatshionFebruary, day 24: potential wedding guest dress

I ordered this dress from eShakti as a potential candidate for wearing to my cousin’s wedding in May. Based on the sizing chart, I bought it in a size 24, which is one size larger than I wear in most brands–but it’s still too tight. Booo, weird and arbitrary clothing sizing. So I’m going to return it, but in the meantime I had to get some pictures, because I love how it looks on me.

It’s out of stock right now, but if/when it comes back I might order it in a 26, without sleeves (because the sleeves/shoulders are particularly tight, and might be too tight even in a larger size), and possibly with a different neckline. I do appreciate that eShakti gives so many customizing options, even though I’m annoyed at their sizing.

If it doesn’t come back into stock, I’ve got my eye on a few ModCloth dresses, and I also have this dress (which is, weirdly, a size 14–go figure) as a backup.

Dress: eShakti, jacket: Kohl’s, shoes: Naot (I took these pictures with my tripod, and realized afterwards that I cut off my feet in most of them…oops!), fascinator, wristband, and necklace: So Good, earrings: Faces, bangles: Deb and Torrid

I love dancing at weddings, so twirliness is an important quality to look for in potential wedding-guest dresses. This one definitely passes the test! 🙂

15 thoughts on “#FatshionFebruary, day 24: potential wedding guest dress

  1. The dress looks gorgeous, its a shame it doesn’t fit, I hope that your size does come back because it would be the perfect dress to wear. That being said, I too am in love with a few modcloth dresses at the moment too! LOVE the fascinator.

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  3. It is beyond worth it to spring for the custom sizing at eShakti. especially since dresses come and go so quickly, if you have to return the dress might be gone.

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