OOTD: Holiday glamour

The Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, one of my friends invited me over for a holiday feast. Although I knew most of the guests would be dressed casually, it was a perfect excuse for me to get glammed up.

Happily, I was not the only one dressed up for the occasion–my friend’s sister was wearing a gorgeous gothic-inspired Betsey Johnson top, and her husband was wearing a fez! They both have fabulous, steampunk- and vintage- inspired style, and always know I can count on them to show up dressed with panache. They were likewise unsurprised to see that I was dressed up. 🙂

Dress: Macy’s, fishnets and shawl and boa: not sure, shoes: Naot, fascinator and earrings and short rhinestone necklace: So Good, long rhinestone necklace: Buffalo Exchange, medium rhinestone necklace: Target, pearls and rose bangle: H&M, crystals: my great-grandmother’s, silver/black bangles: Torrid and Deb, rhinestone bracelet: Forever 21, heart rhinestone ring: the Toy Chest, rose ring: Claire’s 

After taking these pictures–during which I nearly froze my ass off–I changed from fishnets into leggings. Less glamorous, but also much less ass-freezy.

I’ve had the fishnets since high school, and trying them on reminded me why I never wear them (or any of my other fishets–pink, purple, sparkly, etc) anymore. I love how they look but they’re ridiculously uncomfortable, even over athletic shorts. Someone needs to start making fishnet-print leggings.

My wonderful $12 thrifted leopard coat helped stave off the cold.

But I took it off to get a good twirling picture.

A close-up of all my bling:

In this picture, you can see that the string in the rhinestone bracelet is a bit messed-up (which is why I got it on sale!), but I was too cold to turn it around and take another picture. Ah well. You still get the general sparkly idea!

9 thoughts on “OOTD: Holiday glamour

  1. I love that leopard print coat, and it fits you well. Fantastic thrift find!

    I thought I’d share another blog I sometimes read, RubyNite (aka Nicole) from Canada. She has a slightly thinner apple body shape, has a great sense of style and some gorgeous clothes. You might like her style. Check her blog here: http://www.rubynite.com/

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