More late ’90s/early 00’s catalog nostalgia: Delia*s

Liked my scans from Alloy and Girlfriends LA? Here are a few more, from Delia*s.

I had a mixed relationship with Delia*s–for the longest time, they carried only up to size 13. Eventually, they did expand their size range on some clothing, but I’ll always think of them as the first catalog I both loved and felt completely excluded from.

Now, so many years later, I can look back and enjoy the fashion, with only a twinge of remembering that feeling.

I have a ton of these scans, so look for another post soon!

18 thoughts on “More late ’90s/early 00’s catalog nostalgia: Delia*s

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  2. I just found an old 1999 back to school Delias catalog in the upstairs room of my parents house. I love the 90’s style so much and this brings back total nostalgia! I want to get my hands on somemore actual catalogs just for keep sakes.

  3. I love this!! I actually just found the purple satin dress that is shown in your scanned pictures🙂 Thanks for posting these – I’m desperately looking for the blue/green bubble coat from the 1996/1997 clearance sale

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  7. For years I’ve been looking for images from a 90s delias catalog that has a girl in a dress (green?) and she’s wearing this like bindi forehead necklace thing. I know is a long shot, but do you know which one I’m taking about? Sorry, total long shot, I know.

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