Pop Up Plus NY in Boston

I hope all my fellow Northeasterners are staying safe from Hurrican Sandy! My office is closed, so I’m hanging out at home (with a good supply of pizza, mint M&M brownies, and coffee).

Yesterday, I went to Pop Up Plus NY’s Boston event, which was a lot of fun. I couldn’t make it on Saturday, when they had a cocktail party, but I still enjoyed playing dress-up and meeting some fabulous fatshionistas.

With Tiana and Camy, who were running the event.

So many sequins!

It was pretty exciting to be able to try clothing on, especially the kind of clothing I wouldn’t normally buy. Not that I don’t love sequins–I do!–but they itch like crazy, so I usually avoid buying anything with them unless there’s no place where the sequins can touch my skin.

This dress was indeed itchy around the hem and the ends of the sleeves, and incredibly warm, but it was so much fun to prance around in.

And it was even prettier in pink:

Camy took this picture by accident, but I like how it came out.

This is the dress I ended up buying. It’s less glamorous than the others, but more comfortable and less expensive. And it’s super-versatile–I can dress it up for weddings and other fancy events, or dress it down for work. It looks a bit plain in the picture, but up close it has lovely details. I’ll do an OOTD with it soon!

This dress was really cute, but too small for me.

I fell in love with this dress, which had a layer of black mesh over sequins. It was just so glam, so me. But it was also itchy around the sleeves.

In a dress like this, I’d have to dance. And being itchy will drive me nuts even faster than usual if I’m moving around. So sadly, I had to let it go. But I enjoyed twirling around in it and feeling fancy!

And then there was this red peplum dress with a mesh cut-out. Not my normal style, but a lot of fun to try on. That’s what I like about this kind of event–the ability to experiment with different looks.

Real clothing, in person, that I don’t have to order online,wait for, and then return if necessary.

Ideally, I would have liked to see more casual/practical/inexpensive clothing, and more sizes above 22/3X. (Although some of the dresses ran big–the black dress I bought is a size 16, and I normally wear between an 18 and 22.) But I was there on the second day, so it’s possible that the larger sizes sold out early.

In any case, it was a really fun event.  You can see more pictures of the event here, on Pop Up Plus NY’s Facebook page.

I feel lucky that I live in a city that gets plus size shopping events fairly regularly, even though our options are not great otherwise. Boston has a pretty awesome community of fatshionistas (including Lesley Kinzel, one of the founders of the Fatshionista LJ community!).

7 thoughts on “Pop Up Plus NY in Boston

  1. You look like you had such fun! I love the little black dress you bought and the pink sequin one looked amazing on you. It’s such a bugger that sequins itch. I’d wear them all the time if they didn’t!

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