Friday Links, 10/26/12

Happy Friday, and happy almost-Halloween! Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend or next Wednesday?

A chocolate haunted house!

I’m going to start organizing Friday links by categories, in order to make them easier to browse.

-Plus size fashion blogger Elann Zelie launches a clothing line, Zelie for She.
-Lesley has a great round-up of printed plus size leggings.
-This list is a good reminder of why access to clothing matters.
Out and about: Haute Curves made history during L.A. fashion week.
-Shawna of Chubby Cartwheels has two posts about fat-positive shopping in Portland, OR. I’m so jealous–I’ll definitely check out those stores if I ever make it to Portland.
Ose Vintage: fall/winter collection. I especially like the pink leopard-print and black velvet dresses.
-Pictures from Adele’s Vogue shoot.
-Suggestions for finding plus-size goth clothing.
What is age-appropriate dressing, anyway?

There’s nothing like hot chocolate on a chilly fall day.

Fat activism
Fat stories: an exhibition.
-Great advice on responding to fat-hate from Texts from Dog.
-Tori has a great hypothetical response to people who want her to join a weight-loss-oriented link exchange.
-A must-read: 21 things to stop saying unless you hate fat people. The comments are a mixed bag, but I really like this one, which has the best analogy I’ve read yet about the pathologizing of fatness.
-A brave young woman put up a self-portrait in her underwear as a statement about self-acceptance.
My fat body is me: so much yes to all of this.
-A response to fat-shaming within progressive communities.
-Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga on being a fat yoga teacher.

Pretty and poisonous Halloween decorations, which would also make good anytime decorations if you want a bit of goth in your home.
DIY floral headband – I tried this one with no success, because the plastic coating on the wires was too thick to bend easily. It might work better with different fake flowers, though.
-43 DIY ways to add some much-needed sparkle to your life. EDIBLE GLITTER. Whoaa.


-It turns out that Rodents of Unusual Size actually exist, and can help Ghanaian farmers succeed.
-A must-read: Hunter-gatherers are not extinct. For everyone who comments that they would like a donation made in their name, Elodie will donate $3 to Survival International, which protects indigenous peoples.
What can a civilian possibly say to a wounded soldier?
What “Gangnam Style” really means — from someone who lived there.
-Jaclyn Friedman deconstructs the problems with the way the First Lady position is treated.
Rearranging accessibility: more on invisible disability accommodations.
-A list of ways to donate for an actual cure for breast cancer.
-An open letter from a Special Olympics athlete to Ann Coulter
Cons, gaming, and the growing anti-harassment movement

And just for fun, my favorite vaguely Halloween-related video:

6 thoughts on “Friday Links, 10/26/12

  1. Have you heard of Jessica Louise? My fave clothing designer (I recently posted a dress of hers that I wore)! She listened to feedback from her fans and started a plus size line in response.

    That article about what civilians can say to wounded soldiers was interesting. Thanks for sharing these!

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