Flashback: Alloy

It’s time for more late ’90s/early ’00s catalog nostalgia!

Alloy had only a limited selection of plus sizes at some times (and, from the last few times I’ve checked their website, the amount of plus-size clothing varies from decent to nearly nothing). My nostalgia for them, like Delia*s, is mixed with that shitty feeling of being left out–but it’s nostalgia nonetheless.

Rainbow stovepipe jeans, how I wish you were still a thing.

Pink sky print!

…and blue sky print. I love, love, love sky-print clothing, and I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll make a comeback.

Wide-leg jeans. Have I mentioned I love them?

UFO pants!

All the chunky fabulous shoes.

Look, more shoes!

More awesome wide-leg jeans. And a No Doubt shirt!


11 thoughts on “Flashback: Alloy

  1. Gaaah! Huge early noughties pants & shoes! Middle school flashbacks FTW. Btw thanks 4 linking 2 Alloy’s site. Found some awesome Chelsea boots there 4 a steal just now 😀

    • This wasn’t early nineties fashion, it was without question a late 90’s – early 00’s fashion trend. Trust me, I was the demographic that Alloy & dELiA*s catalogs targeted. The early nineties were all about high-waisted faded jeans, scrunched hair, hightop sneakers, and windbreaker track suits. Pretty much the opposite of all this that’s posted.

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  4. Ahhh I was so excited to see this and girlfriends LA old catalogs on here! I just posted a few pairs of old pants on eBay from girlfriends la and figured no one would know what brand it was lol

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  6. Thank you for your posting@
    Do you know where can I buy like the post?
    Since I first saw the picture, I cant forget the image of that pants.

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