Wednesday Fa(t)shion Inspirations

Adorable. I love the polka dots and the pink sparkly shoes!

This floral pattern is my favorite kind. I would love to find a dress like this someday. And it looks great with pastel pink hair and an oversized bow.

Gorgeous skirt + peplum top + matching purple tips = fabulous.

This slipdress is rainbowtastic, and I love the flower-print shirt too. I’m tempted to get a white slipdress and attempt to dye it rainbow…

Same person from the back

Ahhhh so much Rainbow Brite! It makes me happy.

I have a feeling the skirt is made out of a sheet, because I have a sheet with the same print. And (hopefully soon) I’m going to have a friend turn it into a skirt.

Last but certainly not least, the lovely ladies of Skorch!

How amazing is this picture? There’s nothing like a bunch of beautiful fat ladies frolicking on a beach while wearing flower crowns. I highly recommend heading over to Skorch and checking out the rest of the magazine, which includes more photos from this shoot.

It’s so, so wonderful to see this kind of representation. I could not have even dreamed of this when I was a teenager, when the only images of fat women I saw were the occasional token plus-size model in teen magazines, and the frump-tastic Mode, which I sometimes got for free with a purchase at Lane Bryant.  Seeing happy fat women looking awesome is so necessary. I hope that someday, chubby girls will grow up seeing lots of pictures like this, and never for a moment doubt that their bodies are beautiful.

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