Sunday links, 11/9/14

peacock surrounded by leaves on the ground

A peacock at the Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, NJ

When sweatpants become a form of protest: “There’s a reason that women dressing casually threatens the status quo — it’s subversive and the ultimate sign of not caring.” Fat women often suffer additional judgment when we dress casually, since an outfit that may be perceived as casually stylish on a thin women is seen as sloppy on a fat woman.
Future beauty: 30 years of Japanese fashion at QAGOMA.
Up close and personal with plus size cosplay shero, Brichibi Cosplays.
-Disappointingly, New Look is removing its plus size line from many stores in the UK. It’s the same old bullshit and it’s frustrating that this just keeps happening despite fat women loudly and regularly professing our interest in fashion.
-Sarah gives tips for finding your personal style, and Sally has advice on going through a style transition.
The Daily Mail fabricated a controversy over t-shirts to sully a women’s rights organization, and it worked.
18 months after the Rana Plaza factory collapse, conditions are improving, but we still have a long way to go.
-Sheri rounds up 50 plus size holiday dresses, and Kellie finds 12 not-so-basic black pieces.
How dressing “ugly” helped me through a breakup.
Delia’s is dying, will live forever in our hearts. You can see more old Delia’s pages here (and of course, the catalog scans I put up a while ago. I keep meaning to get around to scanning and posting more pages…)
-Speaking of things I loved in high school, Marianne went to Hot Topic and got all nostalgic.

Fat Acceptance
Why I can’t wait to be a fat bride.
The CDC encourages workplace discrimination. Boooo.
-“People using the possibility of disability as a way to try to threaten/manipulate the behavior of fat people is ableist, it’s totally fucked up, and it needs to stop.”

yello abstract swirly sculpture surrounded by trees and grass

One of the sculptures

Jobs and the Economy
Molly Crabapple’s 15 rules for creative success in the internet age.
The illusion of control, or, how I got rejected from a job at the Container Store.
Don’t call it gentrification–it’s displacement.

Climate and Sustainability
I’m banned from Harvard–here’s why I’m going back.
The rise of climate fiction: when literature takes on global warming and devastating droughts.
Climate depression is for real. Just ask a scientist.
Meet Xiuhtezcatl, a 14-year old rapper and climate activist.

This is wonderful.

The Lena Dunham debacle
Why “childhood sexual experimentation is normal!” is a troubling defense of Dunham’s actions.
On abuse, consent, and life after childhood sexual abuse.
Will white feminists finally dump Lena Dunham?
Considering all “sides” of the Lena Dunham debacle: a reading list. I really like Amelia’s thoughtful reflections here. I also appreciated Roxane Gay’s thoughtful and nuanced post, even though I don’t see the situation the same way she does.
When does childhood sexual curiosity cross the line?

Everything Else
Don’t let Ebola dehumanize Africa.
Dear white people/Queridos gringos: you want our culture but you don’t want us–stop colonizing the Day of the Dead.
-WAM! has a great new project for fighting harassment on Twitter.
A promising new treatment for children with severe food allergies.
25 beautiful doors that seem to lead to other worlds.
-Want to see some breathtakingly gorgeous dahlias? Then go here, here, and here. You’re welcome.

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