OOTD: Red and purple floral

I love the outfit serendipity that happens when I see two items hanging near each other in my closet and realize they’d be perfect together.

plus size outfit picture red and purple floral top, purple lace skirt

Steve gets the credit for this fun, dance-like picture. I was trying to figure out a way to show off the flow-y sleeves, and he suggested that I raise my arms as he took a picture.

plus size outfit red floral top and purple lace skirt

Top: Igigi via eBay, skirt: Deb, leggings: Domino Dollhouse, shoes: L.L. Bean, jewelry: miscellaneous

plus size outfit red floral top, purple trim

I’m not normally into tomato red, but every once in a while I enjoy wearing a color combination that’s completely different from my usual.

I originally tried the shirt as part of a free month-long Gwynnie Bee trial. I really liked it and wanted to buy it, but the 18/20 was a bit too small, and I couldn’t get a 22/24 before the month ended. So I scoured eBay, and eventually found it. (For what it’s worth, I also tried another Igigi item–a white dress with purple floral print–in an 18/20, and it fit perfectly…so, who knows what size I usually wear in their clothes?)

plus size outfit red and purple floral

plus size outfit red and purple floral

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