Fatshion February, day 2: Purple roses

If I don’t look very happy in these pictures, it’s because I had just slogged through semi-shoveled sidewalks and snowbanks on the last leg of my commute–after having to take an alternate, and longer, route home, because the T (Boston’s subway system) was having an epic meltdown.

Our infrastructure is just not dealing with the snow, and it’s a huge problem. To be fair, this has been Boston’s snowiest week on record; but then again, the T falls apart when it’s hot out too, and sometimes for no weather-related reason at all. It’s really unnerving, to say the least, when the transit system you depend on keeps falling apart.

I was so not in the mood to pose for pictures, but I wanted to document this lovely dress that I picked up at my recent clothing swap. It’s a 14/16, and it’s a bit snugger than I would prefer, but you can’t really tell from the pictures.

plus size outfit purple rose igigi dress

Dress: Igigi via clothing swap, teggings: Re/Dress, shoes: L.L. Bean, hairclips: Crown & Glory, other jewelry: So Good, cardigan: Avenue – thrifted

plus size outfit gray cardigan and purple floral dress

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OOTD: Red and purple floral

I love the outfit serendipity that happens when I see two items hanging near each other in my closet and realize they’d be perfect together.

plus size outfit picture red and purple floral top, purple lace skirt

Steve gets the credit for this fun, dance-like picture. I was trying to figure out a way to show off the flow-y sleeves, and he suggested that I raise my arms as he took a picture.

plus size outfit red floral top and purple lace skirt

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Friday links 11/1/13

This jack-o-lantern partied a bit too hard.

Happy day-after-Halloween! I hope you all had a good time.  I spent the evening watching Cabin in the Woods with a group of friends, and although I don’t usually like horror movies, I loved it! It’s pretty much impossible for Joss Whedon to make anything bad, and it didn’t hurt that the cast was full of great actors.

I also had a Halloween party last weekend, where I dressed up as a steampunk Pikachu (in reference to this comic). I will post pictures soon! Now, on to the linky goodness…

-I don’t mean to turn my blog into a complete advertisement for Domino Dollhouse, but their new skull-print babydoll dress and leggings are too awesome not to post about.
-This photo shoot of five fat babes is fabulous.
-The Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator, a collective workspace focused on sustainable production, will be opening in 2014.
-John Scalzi writes about why he dresses the way he does, and how, as a middle-class white man, he faces less appearance-based judgment than most people.
-Jille Edge’s Flickr has plenty of old-school Delia*s nostalgia.
Politicizing plus size fashion with blogger Brooklyn Boobala.

Fat Acceptance
-There will be a Fat Justice Workshop here in Boston next weekend.
-This fat bellydance DVD looks great.
-Abigail Saguy talks about the history of the “obesity epidemic.”
Fat people need candy too.

Climate and Sustainability
-A must-read from Naomi Klein: how science is telling us all to revolt.
-The Transition Lab, which trains ordinary people to create a resilient future, sounds amazing. If any of my fellow Bostonians want to learn more, check out the presentations they will be giving in Cambridge next week.
-A great overview of what a post-growth economy means, and why we need one.

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If I were Gabourey Sidibe’s stylist, part 2

I had so much fun coming up with ideas for Gabby to wear that I decided to go ahead and put together some complete outfits.  I had to stop at five because otherwise I would have kept making outfits all day…

You can click each picture to get to the Polyvore set, which includes links to each item.

Gabourey Sidibe alternative outfit 5
Gabourey Sidibe alternative outfit 1
Gabourey Sidibe alternative outfit 4
Gabourey Sidibe alternative outfit 3
Gabourey Sidibe alternative outfit 2

So, Harper’s, when are you going to hire me? 😉