Sunday links, 1/25/15

beach with ice sheets and gray sky

Are fashion bloggers the new socialites?
-Check out my friend Maggie’s fatshion blog–she’s been posting some great outfits, and fatshion inspirations as well!
-Candystrike just released a bunch of new items, including an amazing silver and black striped skirt.
Big & Tall Style for Butches and Others is a new Facebook group for fat people who have a masculine style and don’t identify as cisgender men.
-Speaking of masculine style, my friend Milo is selling handmade bowties at his new Etsy shop, Dappy Dandy Duds.
-I have mixed feelings about Target’s new plus size line, Ava & Viv. On one hand, inclusion by corporate retailers isn’t all that awesome in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, it’s nice to finally see a collection that’s available in-store, since there are so few options for fat women who either can’t or don’t want to shop online. Most of the clothing doesn’t excite me, but there are a few pieces I like, and there’s nothing wrong with good solid basics. The size range (up to 26/4x) could be better, could be worse. Overall, I feel pretty meh, but can understand why other people have strong feelings one way or the other.
The scientific reasons behind fashion don’ts: “Don’t wear white after Labor Day. White appears in stark contrast to fall foliage, making the wearer a prime target for bear attacks.”
11 fashion mistakes all women should avoid: “5. Mixing floral prints with lighter fluid and an open flame.”
Cambodia’s garment workers aren’t backing down.
Fashion and “normalizing obesity.”

Fat Acceptance
I stood up to a fat-shaming bully on the train because I’m tired of fighting for the right to exist.
-Chicago’s new plus size burlesque group, the Fat Follies, now has a Kickstarter campaign to help get their group off the ground.
Capitalism and the weight loss industry.
There’s a new paper advocating terrible medical guidelines for treating fat people–and surprise, the author is on the advisory boards of multiple companies that make weight loss drugs.
On the latest in fat eliminationism.
-A letter to doctors: why there’s no point telling me to lose weight.
-“Hang on a minute…shouldn’t all mermaids be fat?”
Dear white fatties (and other socially visible fat activists).

close-up of interesting ice formations with holes in them on sand

Climate and Sustainability
In your wildest schemes: the free market won’t stop climate change, but it’s failure is inspiring the people who will.
-Obama spoke about the important of fighting climate change in his State of the Union address, but didn’t outline any actual plan of action.
-Naomi Klein: “We have a fundamental conflict between what the market demands and what the planet needs to remain stable…”
How Citizens United paved the way for Big Oil’s bribes.

On the front lines: alternative forms of protesting police violence.
Black Lives Matter releases inaugural state of the black union address, holds Twitter town hall.
-A great resource that includes information about local protests, demands, protest signs, policy briefs, and a volunteer sign-up list: We The Protesters.
-I saw Selma last weekend, and I highly recommend it. This review is spot-on: The very human MLK portrayed by David Oyelowo is the King we should all remember.
Maureen Dowd’s clueless white gaze: what’s really behind the Selma backlash.
A national day of service is no honor to MLK.
Celebrating MLK Day: reclaiming our movement legacy.
The Poor People’s Campaign: the little-known protest MLK was planning when he died.

sharp ice formation that looks like a shark on the beach

Everything Else
Yes, we can prosper without growth: 10 policy proposals for the new left.
The end of the status quo for Israel and Palestine?
-I don’t usually pay much attention to sports, but I have been incredibly entertained by the New England Patriots’ recent football-deflating scandal. These Tom Brady quotes about balls are amazing.
Designer makes popsicles shaped like viruses and cacti.
Meet the Radical Brownies: Girl Scouts for the modern age.
Let them eat cake: on being demisexual.
“Are you angry with me?”: dating as an autistic woman.
-Lesley reflects on spending her 38th birthday at Walden Pond.
Is a decline in teen pregnancy really a “good” thing?
-This is a great piece, and I agree 100% except for the line about cars making people fat (sigh): When did letting your kids walk home alone become a crime?
My anorexia was not about body image.

beach with wavy sand patterns at low tide and gray sky


5 thoughts on “Sunday links, 1/25/15

  1. So many great links to check out! I am really interested in seeing SELMA. I am curious how MLK would feel/say about the problems with police brutality in this age. Makes you wonder….
    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. The post “Are Fashion Bloggers the New Socialites?” Really struck accord with me. While my blog is still in the beginning stages it is fun to get invites, but I have to try my best to give “my opinion”. If the fit isn’t right or the fabric feels cheap, than I’m going to write about it!

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