Sunday links, 2/9/14

As part of my brother’s birthday party, we visited horses in a snowy field.

-Chicagoan fatshionistas, check out this upcoming clothing swap!
“Punk Style”: an interview with Monica Sklar.
-Check out the Kickstarter campaign for Dead Pastel, a creepy cute clothing brand that will make sizes up to 6x. Their shirts are so adorable, and I can’t wait to see what they make next.
-Melissa writes about fat fashion and opens up a thread (which is now closed, but is a great resource) to share pictures, recommend brands, and ask questions. I also like Sarah’s reflections on that post and her experiences putting together a wardrobe from very limited resources.
Balancing fashion and religion with plus size fashion blogger Sakinah Azman.
Broken Ghost: recycled shabby chic cowgirl flair for all sizes. (“All sizes” is a bit misleading–most of their plus size items are a small 2x, and they don’t do custom sizing. But it’s still cool to read about ethically made options that are available in some plus sizes.)
Big size: a fat foreigner buys clothes in Korea.
18 fashion rules from Beth Ditto. I love these except for #2, which comes too close to policing other women’s choices.

Fat Acceptance
The myth of prioritizing our health.
-If you live in Columbus, OH, check out this fat yoga class.
-This body-positive, trans- and queer-inclusive prom in Wakefield, UK sounds amazing!

Awesome fat dancing from Ragen:

Twitter Feminism
The sections of the internet where I hang out have been blowing up in response to a piece about toxicity and bullying within feminist online activism by Michelle Goldberg (and earlier, a similar piece by Meghan Murphy).
-Katherine Cross’ piece The chapel perilous: on the quiet narratives in the shadows is hands-down the best analysis I’ve read of all the complex dynamics at play. See also her two earlier pieces about toxicity and abuse within online activism, which I linked to in an earlier Sunday links post, and this piece she wrote for RH Reality Check about being a trans woman online.
Latoya of Racialicious speaks on The Work.
-Sarah Kendzior writes about the way powerful people often condemn the medium (i.e., the internet) in order to demonize the messenger (i.e., marginalized people using the internet to speak out).
On cynicism, calling out, and creating movements that don’t leave our people behind.
Interlopers on social media: feminism, women of color, and oppression.

More awesome fat dancing!

Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen 
Ever since Dylan Farrow published an open letter about being sexually abused by Woody Allen, I’ve been unable to stop reading about the case. It encapsulates so much of how rape culture operates in our society, and there’s been so much powerful writing in response. (Obviously, trigger warning for all of them).
-Melissa at Shakesville cuts to the heart of it all with her pieces The costs of disbelief, An observation, and Dylan Farrow, rape apologia, and rape culture 101.
What is it about our artists and very young girls?
Why young sexual assault victims tell incoherent stories.
Don’t listen to Woody Allen’s biggest defender.
Compartmentalizing Woody Allen: what American chooses not to see.
The high cost of bravery.
What would make you believe a survivor of childhood sexual abuse?
-Two articles that are not specifically about Woody Allen, but are very relevant: How we teach our kids that women are liars and this disturbing piece about how courts use the psuedo-scientific concept of “parental alienation” to punish mothers who allege abuse

Everything Else
-With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m reposting one of my favorite Shapely Prose posts, On Dumb Luck–it got me through so many years of involuntary singledom.
7 moments that made “Frozen” the most progressive Disney movie ever. I just watched it for the third time, and I love it more and more. It’s definitely not perfect, but it gets so much right.
-Amazing: architects create larger than life Koosh balls that provide warmth in winter.
-I love these crocheted, My Little Pony-themed Daleks.
-Bethany writes about her complicated feelings on the Olympics.
Future near-perfect: how humans can still save the day by 2050.
5 truths about immigration and criminalization that are more important than Justin Bieber.
-Elizabeth Warren is so brilliant. I love her idea to replace predatory payday lenders with the post office.

And even more awesome fat dancing! You can read more about Whitney here.

2 thoughts on “Sunday links, 2/9/14

  1. I love these posts so much – they’re educational and inspiring. I love all the fay dancing videos. It makes me sad that dancing – one of life’s most joyous acts – can be denied to us. It’s late at night now (and I live in a flat) but tomorrow I dance!

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