I’m back from Paris and Iceland!

me and steve standing in front of pink restaurant in paris

So remember when I said that comment moderation would be slow, and I wouldn’t be putting up a Sunday Links post last week? It was because I was on a weeklong vacation with Steve to France and Iceland! We just flew back to Boston yesterday.

We got a deal through Groupon Getaways for a week split between Paris and Reykjavik (except that the way the travel times worked out, we only had 2 1/2 days in each place). It was amazing. Overwhelming, exhausting, a bit whiplash-y, but so worth it.

I have a ton of pictures to post, including some outfit pictures I took while abroad. And I have lots of things to write about. I also want to weigh in on the whole #FashionTruth thing that’s been making rounds in my feeds. But right now, I’m still decompressing, de-jet-lag-ifying, and trying to catch up on all the internets I missed over the past week. So for now, here’s a brief preview:

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Instead of #FatshionFebruary 20 and 21, have some cute animals and “Let It Go” covers

I’ve been sick for the last few days, and while I managed to pull together outfits on Monday and Tuesday, I haven’t felt up for even thinking about changing out of my pajamas yesterday and today.

It’s unfortunate timing, because I have so many clothing swap finds that I would love to turn into Fatshion Feb outfits. But such is life. So in lieu of cute outfits, I will give you cute pictures of animals I’ve hung out with recently.

This is Cody, my adorable beagle/basset hound friend who I dog-sit for. Isn’t he the cutest?

I love when dogs sleep all curled up in a ball. 🙂

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Sunday links, 2/9/14

As part of my brother’s birthday party, we visited horses in a snowy field.

-Chicagoan fatshionistas, check out this upcoming clothing swap!
“Punk Style”: an interview with Monica Sklar.
-Check out the Kickstarter campaign for Dead Pastel, a creepy cute clothing brand that will make sizes up to 6x. Their shirts are so adorable, and I can’t wait to see what they make next.
-Melissa writes about fat fashion and opens up a thread (which is now closed, but is a great resource) to share pictures, recommend brands, and ask questions. I also like Sarah’s reflections on that post and her experiences putting together a wardrobe from very limited resources.
Balancing fashion and religion with plus size fashion blogger Sakinah Azman.
Broken Ghost: recycled shabby chic cowgirl flair for all sizes. (“All sizes” is a bit misleading–most of their plus size items are a small 2x, and they don’t do custom sizing. But it’s still cool to read about ethically made options that are available in some plus sizes.)
Big size: a fat foreigner buys clothes in Korea.
18 fashion rules from Beth Ditto. I love these except for #2, which comes too close to policing other women’s choices.

Fat Acceptance
The myth of prioritizing our health.
-If you live in Columbus, OH, check out this fat yoga class.
-This body-positive, trans- and queer-inclusive prom in Wakefield, UK sounds amazing!

Awesome fat dancing from Ragen:
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