#FatshionFebruary, day 9: Ode to the ’90s

This dress is another one of my recent swap acquisitions–I might as well start calling it Swapped and Thrifted February.

Dress: Merona (Target) via clothing swap, leggings: Domino Dollhouse, cardigan: Torrid via eBay, socks: Target, shoes: Naot, all jewelry: really old

Yes, it has POCKETS. And if I had a regular office job, it would make a great work dress (without all the skull accessories, of course). I like basic dresses that can easily switch from business casual to punk-tastic.

I was really into baby barrettes toward the end of high school, and every once in a while, I get the urge to wear them again. I still have a ridiculous number of them lying around.

All the skulls!

After I put my tripod away, I remembered that I wanted to get a picture wearing this hat from Forever 21, since Β it went so well with the outfit. It’s much more teenage-me than now-me, and I’m not completely sure why I bought it, but it’s still fun.

8 thoughts on “#FatshionFebruary, day 9: Ode to the ’90s

  1. I love that you mixed a more conventinal dress with all those skulls
    About the hat, lets say the teenager in you made you buy it, which is ok i say, you can’t be serious all the time!


  2. I love skulls and love purple. But more importantly, I think that dress is gorgeous and you’ll wear it for a long time to come AND the colour brightens you – totally your colour!

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