OOTD: Little rainbow riding hood

On Saturday, I met up with a bunch of fabulous Boston-area fatties for a Queer Fat Brunch.

What do I wear when meeting new people? A petticoat, rainbow knee socks, and a giant glitter bow, of course. As soon as I walked into cafe, they knew I was one of them.

Petticoat and knee socks: Domino Dollhouse, top: Marshalls, bow: Crown & Glory, shoes: Naot, necklace: Fancy Lady Industries, wristband: PacSun, earrings: So Good

While putting together my outfit, I made the happy discovery that I have a plain white skirt of just the right length to function as an underskirt. I’ll be wearing petticoats as skirts pretty much every day now.

This is the only button-down shirt I own. And they’re actually snaps.

Commence twirling!

I bought along a hoodie in case it got cold, although the weather ended up being warm all day. This is actually my second eBay-find Rainbow Brite hoodie–the first was the unfortunate victim of being left in a laundromat. The new one is slightly less cool–as it features only Rainbow Brite herself rather than her entire crew–but I’m still glad I was able to find something similar.

And then God said, “Let there be rainbows!”

10 thoughts on “OOTD: Little rainbow riding hood

    • Thanks! I originally wanted to get it in raspberry when DD was having a sale, but they were sold out of my size so I went with yellow instead, and it turned to be really awesome. I will definitely be featuring it in many outfits to come! 🙂

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