OOTD: The biggest bow ever

So, I’ve been known to wear giant bows now and again.

But the bow I recently bought myself as a birthday present could eat those other bows for breakfast. It’s the biggest, baddest, shiniest bow there is.

Bow: The Velvet Village, tank top: Lane Bryant, skirt: ASOS Curve, shoes: Clarke’s, earrings: gift from my aunt, necklace: eximious_jewelry168 on eBay, rainbow bangle: So Good, other bangles: Deb and Torrid, rings: ancient

I wore it for a wonderful day of adventures, which I’ll post about separately. It was the perfect early fall New England day, complete with apple cider making and pony-petting.

Ironically enough, this urban-looking graffiti wall is actually out in the suburbs. The Boston area is seriously lacking in good graffiti, and my favorite graffiti wall has a light/shadow situation that makes outfit pictures difficult, so I seize upon any chance I get to take pictures with graffiti. This one happens to be in a parking lot behind a small town center.

My shorts are showing in this picture, but I don’t care because it’s cute and I love how my legs look.

Have I mentioned I love my giant bow? Because I love my giant bow.

And I enjoy wearing it in incongruous situations, like a small town fair, or a field with horses (pictures to come soon!). Someone’s gotta bring a little glamour to the country, right?


21 thoughts on “OOTD: The biggest bow ever

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  2. Such a cute outfit! I hope you turned that fair on its head.

    My friends call bows this size a cake eating bow (the largest in our bow taxonomy) because with something this big and cute cake is the only suitable dessert, and because it’s big enough to eat the cake for you.

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