Ode to Re/Dress NYC

Last summer, I went to New York to visit a friend. One of the places we went was Re/Dress NYC, a plus-size store that carried new, vintage, and resale clothing.

I’m really glad I had the chance to go there before it sadly closed a few months later. I wish it were still open (and I really wish there were something like it in Boston!), but at least I had the opportunity to experience its awesomeness.

It was such an amazing feeling to walk into a store and be able to try on almost anything. To look through all the racks instead of just the one or two labeled “plus size.” To be part of a fun, friendly, fat-positive environment.

The anticipation…

Everything about the store was fabulous, from the petticoats hanging on the railings to the zebra-print dressing rooms.

Racks upon racks of clothing in my size!

You know you’re in the right place when there’s a Lessons From the Fat-O-Sphere poster.

It was especially exciting to see racks of plus-size vintage clothing, like this sequined dress. I love vintage clothing, but it’s so hard to find in plus sizes.

Oh, the ’80s.

And there was a Yay scale!

The only kind of scale I would want to own.

Taking a break from shopping to chill on the lovely pink chaise longue

Here are my dressing-room pictures of the two dresses I ended up buying: a black and white Dress Barn party dress, and a black dress with red rose print and asymmetrical sleeves. I’m not sure what brand it is, as the tag was itchy and I cut it out shortly thereafter.

I’ve had fun wearing both dresses, although unfortunately the rose dress has pilled a lot even though I’ve only washed it a few times. I still wear it, but I try not to look too closely at the fabric or it just makes me sad.

The rose dress in action the next day:

I found a subway line named after me! 😉

Overall, the visit was a great experience. I just wish it were not such a rare one.

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