Friday links 9/14/12

Sea glass and other artifacts on display on one of the Boston Harbor Islands

Cups runneth over: love, lifestyle, and clothing tips for large-busted ladies. This is an amazing post–go read. (And I learned some new things, like the existence of modesty panels. I seriously need some of those.)
It’s ok not to love your body.
-On a similar note: sometimes your body changes, and it sucks.
-One of my favorite fatshionistas, Tess Munster, has a new website.
-I want this fabulous dress made from an actual parachute.
Dr. Who-themed home goods!

-I want to look like this when I’m an old lady (via an XOJane comment).
Candy corn Oreos. Apparently they exist. I may need to hunt them down.
-More great Fatsronauts 101 at Shakesville.
-Ugggh. Really, Paul Frank? I may have to stop wearing my beloved monkey tank top.
-I want to go to England so I can visit this gorgeous, fantastical chocolate shop.
-Nail polishes inspired by My Little Pony! Be still my pegasister heart.

-Pink-haired bride with purple and orange streaks, pink poofy dress, corset cake, bellydancers…what’s not to love about this wedding?
This one, too, with two be-tutu-ed brides! Also, I love that one of the brides’ profession is listed as “gardenfairy and baker.” …New when-I-grow-up aspiration?
-You might not guess it from the title, but this post has some great reflections on teaching writing.
The Biggest Loser is going to take on children. Uggh. As if I needed more things to be pissed off about.
-Take ModCloth’s plus size survey and let them know what kind of clothing you’d like to see!
-If I ever get a car, I am going to decorate it with washi tape.


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