A weekend in pictures: NYC

My recent post about visiting Re/Dress NYC brought back great memories of that trip. So I decided to post a few pictures of it, even though they’re from last year.

I hope I can make it back to New York sometime soon!

First meal in the city: pizza and garlic knots


New York is full of characters…literally.


More traditional NYC fare.

I met a gaggle of Disney princesses at the Central Park Zoo.

We went to a bar called Barcade, which was full of old-school videogames. So much awesome.

I found an adorable little cupcake shop!

Cupcakes make the best breakfasts. Also, I love everything about the decor, including the Marimekko print.

Chilling on the lawn next to the Brooklyn flea market

Mmm, crack pie!

Kitten! (An animal adoption agency was trying to get them adopted on a street in Brooklyn.)

I met the cutest puppy while wandering the Upper West Side.

Gorgeous graffiti

The Yaffa Cafe, which had both delicious food and kickass decor.

I aspire someday to decorate a room in my apartment like this.

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