OOTD, plus Figment and random adventures

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to Figment Boston, a non-commercial art festival modeled on Burning Man. I had fun dressing up for the occasion in my favorite rainbow tutu and “fat” necklace.

Top: Torrid via fatshionxchange, tutu: Sisters of the Moon, tiara and earrings: Claire’s, necklace: Fancy Lady Industries, Hello Kitty keychain: gifted, rainbow beaded bracelet: homemade, rainbow bangle: So Good, spike wristband: Hot Topic, magenta bangle: Kohl’s, socks and shoelaces: Target

I didn’t even know I was dressing up to match the festival!

One of the cool pieces of art

Giant kaleidoscope!

My favorite, a tent full of big balloons

There was a bellydancing performance, and one of the dancers asked me to join in!

Shimmy shimmy shimmy

After hanging out at Figment for a while, we wandered up the rest of the Greenway, and came across this lovely labyrinth.

Walking a labyrinth while dodging gaggles of rowdy children was less than peaceful, but such is life. In any case, it was great to see a labyrinth in the city.

We headed on to the North End, where we grabbed cupcakes at the always-delicious Lulu’s.

Chocolate turtle cheesecake = heaven.

Then, because Boston is awesome like that, we went to the beach on pure impulse. It was too cold to swim, but we had a good time walking around and watching the storm clouds roll in.

Also, I have to climb everything I see, so of course I climbed the remains of an earlier sand sculpture competition.

Covered in sand and victorious!

All in all, a good day.

Two highlights: 1.) Seeing a goth family–mother, father, and baby–all in striped knee socks. 2.) Being asked for a picture by a random woman on the T. She said her daughter loves fairies, and she wanted to show her a picture of me and say she met a real-life fairy! I really, really love when what I wear connects with people like that.

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