Flashback: wide-leg jeans

As I mentioned not long ago, I have a special love for the wide-leg, skater-style jeans of the late ’90s.

On a recent trip to my parents’ house,  I dug up a few pictures of myself wearing my beloved pair. Please ignore the terrible bangs, and the stoned-looking expression I have in one of the pictures. Come to think of it, ignore the baggy tie-dye t-shirt as well. Just focus on the sheer beauty of those pants.

I had the posing thing down.

Yes, that’s my little brother. Who is now six feet tall. Funny how that happens.

Terribly unflattering, but, PANTS!

I also found a few old JNCO ads! If you’re anything like me, prepare for a major explosion of nostalgia.

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One thought on “Flashback: wide-leg jeans

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