The Thicky Chicky Launch party

Last week, after a year and a half of blogging, I finally attended my first honest-to-goodness glamorous fatshion event: the launch of a new online plus size boutique, The Thicky Chicky.

me wearing leopard coat and hot pink dress

On the way to the launch, and at it!

outfit details: dress: Domino Dollhouse, leggings and heart necklace: Wet Seal, shoes: Naot, sequined cardigan: Kohl’s (a long time ago), tiara: Kmart, giant bow: The Velvet Village, leopard coat: thrifted (for $12, by my mom, who has thrifting superpowers), Hello Kitty bag: present from a friend (I think she got it free with a purchase at Sephora), scarf: made by my mom, gloves: Best Deals U Can Find on Amazon, custom Tutus and Tiny Hats necklace: DiDepux, bangles: Torrid and Deb, bow ring, earrings, and rhinestone bracelet: So Good, flower necklace: eBay

Isabel Lopes, the founder of The Thicky Chicky, emphasized the importance of building women’s confidence in a world that tried to tell us our bodies are wrong. I love that she has such a strong commitment to body positivity, and I love how she illustrated it with the following anecdote about a magazine article she read. It advised women to suck in their stomachs, have good posture, and hold their heads high in order to appear slimmer. She agreed with the advice, but for different reasons: she felt that we should suck in our stomachs in order to support our voices, have good posture to demonstrate confidence, and hold our heads high to show that we bow to no one.

Melissa, me, Isabel, and Jesse

The event included a fashion show of some of TTC’s designs, including this gold sequin dress designed by Izzy herself. It’s in production now and should be available next month:

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Big Thrifty OOTD #1: Igigi dress, two ways

I found so many awesome, cheap things at the Big Thrifty. This Igigi dress was one of my favorite finds.

I’ve always admired Igigi’s dresses from afar, but they’re pretty pricey–so it was awesome to get one for $10. And it has pockets!

I had gotten all dressed up for a party (necklace and earrings: So Good, bracelets: Torrid, headband: I Am Joolienn), when I stepped outside, realized how cold it was, and decided to modify the outfit for the weather. Inspired by my Domino Dollhouse leggings, I went full-out ’90s.

I wish I had awesome shoes to wear with the outfit (like the ones that the Domino Dollhouse models are wearing), but my feet have been acting up, and I just needed to be comfortable. If I’d had more time, I might have put on my metallic fake Docs for the pictures, but ah well.

Leggings: Domino Dollhouse, necklace: Kelsea Echo Studio, tiara: Kmart, bangle and earrings: So Good, wristband: Macy’s Continue reading

A few unrelated things: pink pants, a skull tiara, and pocket change

1.) You know what would be cool? These pink jeggings with zippers sewn onto them. And possibly some extra fabric (black? zebra print? black lace?) inserted into the lower legs to make them flare out. *hatches diabolical pants-punkifying plot*

2.) Gala Darling’s post on getting gorgeous at the party supply store (which brings back memories of the days when I got half my accessories at party stores…and a few at pet stores) led me to Party City’s tiara section, where I found this Monster High Skullette Tiara. I don’t even know what Monster High is, but it’s super-cute.

3.) This morning I read an article in the Metro (great journalism? No. Free? Yes.) about a charity project at BU. They collect pocket change from students in a mailbox, and donate it monthly to different charities. It’s a cool idea, and I’m glad to see that change-collecting still works in the age of credit cards and online shopping. So, huzzah for BU!