Two more awesome fat events coming up

Getting my bellydance on at a dance festival last year

I’m so happy that fat community seems to be taking off in Boston. In the last few months alone, we’ve had the Big Thrifty, Three Big Fat Voices, and the Fab Fatty Frolic that I organized. We’re not quite at San Francisco-level awesomeness–I’m constantly hearing about fat dance parties and crafternoons and all sorts of other fun stuff happening there–but we’re getting there.

There are two more awesome fat events coming up this summer:

1.) Another fab fatty frolic that I’m planning, this time at the beach! It will be at Revere Beach on Saturday, August 3rd. You can find more information on the Facebook event.

2.) The Big Thrifty is organizing yet another awesome event, Living X-Large and In Charge: Intro Classes for Yoga, Self-Defense, and Bellydance. It will be on Saturday, July 20th, in Malden, and in addition to the movement classes, there will be a mini clothing swap and a cupcake and fruit break! Check out the Facebook event for more info.

Huzzah for flabulous fattery taking over Boston!

Existential whiplash: on the beaches of Boston, the future of Miami, and the terror of rising seas

Yesterday,  I came home from an idyllic day at the beach on Boston’s North Shore and read this article arguing that Miami is doomed to drown under rising tides caused by climate change.

I don’t know how to reconcile the beauty of the ocean that I saw and felt and smelled firsthand with the threat lurking in the waves. I know the nature is powerful and not always pretty. I know that nature has a dark side, unexpected swells of anger, storms that beat water violently against rocks. But this is something different.

This is something human-caused, unprecedented, potentially future-destroying–and something that too many Americans, and far too many of our lawmakers, refuse to believe is happening.

And so, I am trying to make sense of the fact that the same water that I love, fed by melting glaciers and icecaps, is coming for us. That the beach, where land meets water meets sky, is our next battlefield.

The beach, more than almost anywhere else, feels like home. At the beach, I am the happiest version of myself.

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