Fab fatty frolic = success!

Five fabulous fatties frolicking in a field 🙂

Yesterday was the Fab Fatty Frolic that I organized, and it was a lot of fun. It was a relatively small group, but that turned out to be nice because there was just the right number of people to talk together without splitting into multiple conversations. (Not that multiple conversations is a bad thing, but sometimes it’s just nice to hang out as one group.)

The weather cooperated as well–it was warm, but comfortable in the shade, and there was a good breeze.

We talked about fatshion, the lack of plus size stores in the Boston area, dance groups and classes, various forms of chub rub prevention, and how Kate Harding was most of our entry point to fat acceptance. It was great to have people to talk about these things with in real life.

My FA library

I brought a bunch of books to flip through, and of course, my trusty hula hoop.

We all agreed that there should be more fat frolicking soon–perhaps at the beach.

Stay tuned for announcements about the time and location of the next fab fatty frolic!


3 thoughts on “Fab fatty frolic = success!

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