“Fat church”: Three Big Fat Voices

About a month ago, there was an awesome fat event here in Cambridge: Three Big Fat Voices, a reading with Lesley Kinzel, Susan Stinson, and Hanne Blank.

It was AMAZING. All three of them were fierce and brilliant.

Lesley, Hanne, and Susan during the Q&A

And the sense of community was wonderful. Despite near-torrential rain, an army of fabulous fatties in colorful attire turned up to listen, ask questions, and bask in the glow of fat solidarity.

I even met two other Lauras and a Lauren!

The Lauren is on the right.

And Lesley liked my dress, which gave me much fangirl joy. (The dress was a lucky Big Thrifty find, and it deserves its own post, so I’ll have an OOTD post coming soon.)

I only got one of the pieces on video, because Hanne asked for it to be recorded.  But everyone was so amazing, I wish I’d asked in advance if I could record the reading and brought extra memory cards!

Here’s Hanne kicking sexist, body-shaming ass:

Hanne described the event as “fat church,” and she was so right. It was wonderful.

The three lovely authors:

Both Lesley and Hanne had awesome boots–Lesley’s were Docs, and Hanne’s were Fluevogs. I am determined to acquire awesome footwear so I, too, can be a famous fat activist and writer! 😉

The authors signing books:

These stickers were on all of our chairs:

My friend Daphne (middle) with Lauren and Frances:

Eve and Erica, rocking the purple!

And a close-up of Erica’s really cool seatbelt bag:

I forget this woman’s name, but she had a really cute bird-print dress:

I also really liked the outfit of one of my fellow Lauras, including her rainbow umbrella:

Sorry some of the pictures came out blurry–I was still getting used to my new camera. But it was an amazing event, and I hope to see more like it soon!


2 thoughts on ““Fat church”: Three Big Fat Voices

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