#PlusSizePlease: an awesome new fatshion activism idea, which I tried out on Desigual

picture of desigual store window with sign that says

Yeah, no.

A few days ago, Curvily posted a great idea for fatshion activism: take pictures of clothes you’d buy if they came in your size, and post them to social media with the hashtag #plussizeplease.

And then yesterday, I walked past the Desigual store in Harvard Square that always makes me sad. Desigual is a Spanish brand that makes gorgeous, colorful, multi-patterned clothing–I found them through Already Pretty and fell in love.  But their sizing only goes up to L or XL in some styles, and XXL in others (which isn’t even plus sized, because they run so small–Sal mentioned here that she wears a size 8 in most clothing, but she wears an L or XL in Desigual.)

This time, the window display didn’t just make me sad–it made me angry. They had the nerve to put up a sign that said “Desigual for everybody,” with the full knowledge that their clothes don’t fit the majority of American women’s bodies. So I tweeted, “. Disappointed by this sign–it’s not “for everybody,” only bodies size 14 and smaller. ” If you want to see their clothes in plus sizes too, consider letting them know.

All of these in size fat, please:

Desigual clothes that should come in plus sizes


(And yes, I know their stuff is expensive. To be honest, if it did come in my size, I would be much more likely to buy it on eBay than directly from them. But if they decided to start making plus sizes, and if I had the money at the time, I’d definitely buy a new item or two to show them my support. And I feel like buying their clothes in eBay supports them indirectly, because the clothing still came from them at some point–and there wouldn’t be so much available for resale if they weren’t a popular brand to begin with.)

8 thoughts on “#PlusSizePlease: an awesome new fatshion activism idea, which I tried out on Desigual

  1. This is a great idea! I see so much out there that I would LOVE to wear but know I can not ever find it in my size. Things that I would like to wear I can only find online yet I will never buy it because I am unable to try it on. I can wear anywhere between sizes 22-26 depending on where I am shopping and who is the manufacturer. Clothes shopping is usually a trip to misery and ending with disappointment. I may have to make myself learn how to use this hashtag stuffs lol. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Desigual is one of my bugbears too because I LOVE their prints and would wear the crap out of their clothes 😦

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