Brand crush: Gudrun Sjoden

four women in multicolored gudrun sjoden outfits

Ever since I found them through an Already Pretty post, I’ve been madly in love with the Swedish clothing brand Gudrun Sjoden. The gorgeous patterns, the bright and happy color combinations, the folk art influence, the skillful layering…I just love it all.

I also love that, unlike other European brands I’ve fallen in love with (*cough cough* Desigual), Gudrun Sjoden makes clothes in my size. They carry up to a size XXL/22-24, and I’ve heard their sizing runs large. Many of their items look loose-fitting as well, so I have a feeling that people who wear sizes above 24 could fit into at least some of their pieces.

two women in patterned burgundy gudrun sjoden outfits

Gudrun Sjoden has a store in New York, which I meant to check out over Valentine’s Day weekend. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it there, but I’m hoping to go there next time I’m in the city. I’d love to be able to try on the pieces in person, especially since they’re so different from the types of clothes I usually wear.

gudrun sjoden model in floral tunic on beach

The eponymous designer appears to wear plus sizes herself, and always looks so happy in her fun, colorful outfits:

gudrun sjoden wearing floral outfit

gudrun sjoden wearing green

GS’ clothes are expensive, but they appear to be good quality. The company also emphasizes ecologically sustainable practices, which likely also contributes to the high prices. In any case, I’d love to invest in a few Gudrun Sjoden pieces at some point.

gudrun sjoden models in front of paintings wearing bright clothes

gudrun sjoden model in blue dress on colorful couch

four women in layered, colorful outfits

two gudrun sjoden models in orange, burgundy, and olive colored outfits

gudrun sjoden all turquoise asian inspired outfit

gudrun sjoden purple, pink, and orange outfit

gudrun sjoden winter collection blue and purple

two women in field wearing floral gudrun sjoden clothing

gudrun sjoden christmas outfit

gudrun sjoden black, white, and gray outfit

gudrun sjoden purple and red outfits

gudrun sjoden dark mori black and brown outfit flowy layers

gudrun sjoden modeli n forest wearing flowy clothing

gudrun sjoden blue tutu ice skater

(Images from Gudrun Sjoden’s site and Facebook page)

3 thoughts on “Brand crush: Gudrun Sjoden

  1. So glad to hear you’re enjoying Gudrun’s designs, Laura! She really is doing creative things with color, pattern, and design that no one else is even attempting. Thanks for the shout-out, too!

  2. Thanks for much for sharing! I’m looking forward to learning more about this brand and browsing their collections. I’m always interested in learning more about my Swedish heritage, and I can definitely see some of the traditional patterns and hues mirrored in these designs. It’s definitely different from what you see on US store shelves, so I find Gudrun Sjoden quite refreshing. The punchy palettes, folksy embroidery, and swingy shapes are super fun and look so comfy! I share your love of color and whimsy, and her designs definitely encapsulate that. I’m excited to browse their site!

    ❤ Liz

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