OOTD: Killer bunnies and cat ears

Last weekend, my friends had a benefit party to raise money to help cover the vet bills for their two cats, who had both been sick recently. (Luckily, the kitties are doing better now!)

They suggested that people wear cat ears, so I did…

shirt: TeeTurtle, cardigan: Torrid via eBay, tutu: Target (forever ago), leggings: Wet Seal, cat ears: probably CVS?, necklace: from a clothing swap, wristband: PacSun, bangles: Deb, earrings: gift from a relative, shoes: Naot

The shirt, of course, is a reference to the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It’s one of a few TeeTurtle shirts I have (you can see my hedgehog one here and here, and I’ll be posting an outfit with a Pikachu one soon), and I love them–they’re super-soft, and they fit me really well, unlike most men’s t-shirts.

If you’re at all into geeky or cute t-shirts, I highly recommend TeeTurtle. They have tons of adorable stuff, pop-culture and internet meme references, and awesome cross-fandom geekery (Harry Potter/Pokemon, Doctor Who/Zelda, and more).

I was so happy when I finally found this cardigan on eBay after looking for it forever (and kicking myself for not buying it when Torrid had it). I’m still hoping to find the pink version someday.

The tutu is so old! It’s a straight size XXL, and it’s only a little bit tight. I used to have it in black as well, but then I lent it to a friend, and her soon-to-be-former friend stole it…. *sigh*

Meow! 🙂


13 thoughts on “OOTD: Killer bunnies and cat ears

  1. Cute! Does Wet Seal make plus sizes or are those leggings straight size? There was a Wet Seal in the mall I used to hang out in as a teenager, and I loved them! I haven’t been in ages, so I don’t know how their style has changed over the years, but if they go up at least to XXL (or maybe XL in tops?) I’ll check them out online.

  2. I really like your leggings! I saw a cat eared headband on someone this summer, and I admired it so much that my husband bought me one! I think I should wear it again soon!

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