Sunday links, 12/15/13

me holding an icicle up to my head like a unicorn horn

I’m an ice unicorn!

The above picture is from a hiking trip I took with my family over Thanksgiving weekend, where we saw waterfalls and lots of cool ice formations.

-Fellow Bostonians, check out the Sip & Swap: Curvy Edition happening next month!
-Ugh, H&M, always doing good and bad stuff at the same time. They’re planning to raise the pay of their textile workers, which is important, and will hopefully influence other brands to do the same. But they’re also taking down their plus size section to make more room for holiday sale items. I’m not sure whether this is a company-wide policy or just that particular store, but either way, it’s shitty.
-Sarah rounds up Australian-made flower crowns. I love them all!
-This roundup for gender-bending bridal wear has lots of inspiration for everyday style as well.
ReKixx aims to become a closed-loop shoemaker.
-This women’s holiday collection made from discarded fabric is gorgeous. But I’m so, so sick of sustainable fashion lines that only make straight sizes. Fat people want cute clothing that doesn’t destroy the environment too, dammit.

Climate and Sustainability
Pushing poor people to the suburbs is bad for the environment.
How parking is like a sandwich.
Harvesting waste plastic for 3D printers to reduce poverty.
“Every little bit helps” is a dangerous mantra for climate change.
-The links between climate change, disconnection from nature, and depression.
Where farmers markets and CSAs fall short: moving local food beyond a faddish economy.
-Check out the Kickstarter for this documentary on the resistance to the Keystone XL pipeline, which looks awesome.
-I love this short video about the fossil fuel divestment movement.

Jobs and the Economy
How (not) to avoid the academic job market: “Sometimes I feel like I am giving up an important part of myself. My anxiety about the job market was my anxiety about who I wanted to be slammed up against the realities of who I could be.”
This piece on San Francisco’s class and culture wars is the best, most nuanced analysis of gentrification I’ve ever read. The author cuts right to the heart of the issue with this question: “Is a city’s housing stock a public good that provides members of a community a place to live or is it a financial instrument used to store and expand wealth?”
Why are we so obsessed with “hard work?”
Linda Tirado, who wrote “Poverty Thoughts,” is not a hoax. It’s ridiculous that so many people are calling her one just because her experience doesn’t match their stereotypes about poverty.
The strange case of Professor Veldhuis, who lost his job mid-semester, and the lack of job protection for adjuncts.

Everything Else
That time Beyonce’s album invalidated every criticism of feminism EVER. (Btw, how awesome is it that one of her new songs features Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie?!)
Why don’t the bi people just come out already? An open letter to Dan Savage.
The 28 most iconic feminist moments of 2013.
As a black feminist, I see how the wider movement fails women like my mother.
On the criminalization of young black and brown boys.
Ableism in social justice culture.
The discomfort zone: Minneapolis professor Shannon Gibney reprimanded for talking about racism.
What do we mean when we say colonized? I think this is an important distinction–I’ve seen a lot of people using “colonization” as a synonym for “racism,” but racism is so much more complex. There are plenty of ways to structurally disempower people without colonizing them, and it’s important to talk about them as well.
-These close-up photos of snowflakes are amazing.

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