OOTD: Full-on ’90s

Last Sunday, I declared it Official Dress Like the ’90s Day–because I just really felt like dressing like the ’90s, shimmery metallic lip gloss and all.

Shirt: TeeTurtle (this was either a Hanukah or birthday present from Steve), skirt: Torrid, socks: Sock Dreams, shoes: Naot (bought at a small shoe store in Cambridge, but you can find them here), tiara: Kmart, necklace: Claire’s, earrings: Faces, lunchbox: probably Hot Topic (I’ve had it since high school), rose bangle: H&M, studded wristband: PacSun

The outfit was inspired by this picture from a note one of my friends wrote to me freshman year of high school. We used to write notes to each other and decorate them with magazine pictures and lots of glitter!

I thought this sticker from Shana Logic, which came free with a recent order, went well with the outfit:

I can’t tell you yet what I ordered from them, since it’s a present for a relative, but it’s freaking adorable. I generally recommend the hell out of Shana Logic for cute things.

The mood necklace is relatively new, but it’s similar to one I had–and loved the hell out of–in high school. It broke years ago, and after years of looking for a replacement, I finally found this one.

This lunchbox is one of the many I’ve collected over the years: including Hello Kitty, Rainbow Brite, old-school My Little Pony, and one that’s black with flames.  In high school, I used a different lunchbox every day, and it was a fun and practical way to make a fashion statement. These days, I use them rarely, but I enjoy having them around.

Steve and I went out to a party, and on the way, we saw this lovely graffiti!

At the party, Steve unbuttoned his flannel shirt, and I realized we had both independently worn hedgehog t-shirts. Great minds think alike…and so do ours! 😉

13 thoughts on “OOTD: Full-on ’90s

  1. Aren’t you sweeeet! I would you give you a free hug too!
    Love your lunch boxes – I have a little pony on my desk at work – Love it, it makes me smile in my grey days –

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