The Thicky Chicky Launch party

Last week, after a year and a half of blogging, I finally attended my first honest-to-goodness glamorous fatshion event: the launch of a new online plus size boutique, The Thicky Chicky.

me wearing leopard coat and hot pink dress

On the way to the launch, and at it!

outfit details: dress: Domino Dollhouse, leggings and heart necklace: Wet Seal, shoes: Naot, sequined cardigan: Kohl’s (a long time ago), tiara: Kmart, giant bow: The Velvet Village, leopard coat: thrifted (for $12, by my mom, who has thrifting superpowers), Hello Kitty bag: present from a friend (I think she got it free with a purchase at Sephora), scarf: made by my mom, gloves: Best Deals U Can Find on Amazon, custom Tutus and Tiny Hats necklace: DiDepux, bangles: Torrid and Deb, bow ring, earrings, and rhinestone bracelet: So Good, flower necklace: eBay

Isabel Lopes, the founder of The Thicky Chicky, emphasized the importance of building women’s confidence in a world that tried to tell us our bodies are wrong. I love that she has such a strong commitment to body positivity, and I love how she illustrated it with the following anecdote about a magazine article she read. It advised women to suck in their stomachs, have good posture, and hold their heads high in order to appear slimmer. She agreed with the advice, but for different reasons: she felt that we should suck in our stomachs in order to support our voices, have good posture to demonstrate confidence, and hold our heads high to show that we bow to no one.

Melissa, me, Isabel, and Jesse

The event included a fashion show of some of TTC’s designs, including this gold sequin dress designed by Izzy herself. It’s in production now and should be available next month:

After the fashion show, Izzy showed us a few pictures from the new website, and then it went live!

“What’s the best curve on a woman? Her smile.”

Throughout the evening, there was plenty of socializing. I got to see my friend Jesse, and meet in person two of my new friends from the Boston Fatties Meetup Group: Rachel (of More to Love) and Melissa.

Rachel, Melissa, Jesse, and me being all glamourpants!

I also got to meet many lovely, fa(t)shionable ladies.

A fellow lover of tiny hats! 🙂

At the end of the night, we got TTC t-shirts, earrings, and seriously delicious cupcakes from Cakeology.

Overall, it was a great night. It was wonderful to meet so many other fa(t)shionistas, learn about groups such as Curvy Boston and Curve Appeal, feel glamorous (including lots of red-carpet mugging for various photographers–I’m looking forward to seeing more of the pictures whenever they go up), and celebrate the opening of a new boutique with a body-positive mission.

A few more pictures from the evening (you can see even more in my Facebook photo album here):

Also, if you’re an in-betweenie/smaller fat, you should totally buy this vintage shirt from The Thicky Chicky so I can enjoy it vicariously:

10 thoughts on “The Thicky Chicky Launch party

  1. Thanks so much for such a great review! I am so glad you had a blast! It was great meeting you and the other lovely ladies from the meet up group–you all rock! Also, I wanted to let you know that I am not the only one who ADORED your outfit! I am SO hoping we can collab for the site soon as I love your style and spunk! xoxoxoxo

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