OOTD: Cream, pearls, and Hello Kitty

Have you ever wondered how to dress up a basic Hello Kitty tee?

Wonder no more. It’s as easy as adding a ruffled blazer, a big hair flower, and lots of bling. 😉

Blazer: Talbot’s (gift from my grandmother), t-shirt and jeans: Old Navy, pearls: So Good, earrings: Artifaktori, bangles: Deb and Torrid, rose ring: Claire’s, heart ring: The Toy Chest, hair flower: H&M

6 thoughts on “OOTD: Cream, pearls, and Hello Kitty

  1. Ok, while I love your style, I’m going to offer some constructive criticisms (please don’t hate me): 1 – if you’re going to dress something up, maybe don’t wear casual jeans? If you had said ‘how to BLING or GLAM up a Hello Kitty tee’ you’d be right on but casual jeans really aren’t dressy. 2 – please forgive me and I know you have to wear them for a reason, but your sneakers drive me nuts … maybe could you swap them out with something dressier just for your ootd pictures?

    • I appreciate that you mean well, but I’m not looking for constructive criticism of my outfits. I dress for both comfort and creative self-expression, not to please other people (although that is sometimes a nice side effect).

      If you don’t like my sneakers, that’s your prerogative, but I’m not going to stop wearing them in outfit pictures because they don’t appeal to you. Even aside from my foot problem, I’m a big fan of the jeans + sneakers + pearls look. It’s true, the sneakers are not my favorite aesthetically, and if I could find sneakers that both fit and appealed to me more, I would wear them. But I can’t, so I don’t, and I am ok with that.

      As for the “dress up” vs. “bling/glam up” issue, that’s just semantics. If you want to think of it as blinging or glamming up the HK tee, go for it! I consider adding pearls, a nice blazer, and a fascinator to be a way of “dressing up” an outfit, even if–or sometimes especially because–the outfit contains casual pieces, such as jeans.

      To me, “dressing up” a shirt does not mean that the entire outfit is 100% dressy. If that’s what it means to you, that’s cool, but again, I am not going to change my terminology to fit the way you see things.

      In the future, please refrain from giving fashion advice unless I have specifically asked for it. I’m sure there are plenty of other fashion blogs where it would be welcome, though–this is just my personal philosophy.

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