Sunday Links, 5/10/15

pink cherry blossom on tree

Late April/early May is my favorite time of the year: when nature is as pink as I am.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

-Fat Girl Posing’s spring pastel shoot is gorgeous.
-My friend Femma’s Etsy shop Femme Fat Sew is live!
-A plus size student was suspended for a supposedly revealing prom dress, while her straight size classmates got away with much skimpier dresses.
TheCURVYCon is coming to New York, and will have Amber Riley as a keynote speaker!
I said yes to the (gay wedding) dress.
Ten body-positive tips for plus size brides.
-This leather corset is gorgeous, comes in sizes XXS – 12XL, and even comes in pink!
Bombsheller has extended their leggings’ size range to include 2XL, and is working their way up to 6XL.
1910, Paris: some of the world’s first street style photography.
At this fashion library, you check out clothes instead of buying them.
Has it occurred to you that fat people have taste?
ModCloth’s men show their support of their body-positive pool party.
Russian artist compares famous designers’ dresses with nature.

Fat Acceptance
That one time I had liposuction and my life still sucked.
DadBod: three things I love/hate.
Fat-shaming vs. fat discrimination.
-A roundup of Bitch Flick’s posts on fatphobia and fat positivity in movies and TV, including two posts about Steven Universe.
Why diets don’t actually work, according to a researcher who has studied them for decades. It’s too bad that she recommends trying to stay at the lower end of your weight range rather than just aiming for health and letting your weight fall wherever it falls, but otherwise it’s a good piece.
FDA: trade your double chin for nerve damage!
Today fat yoga, tomorrow fat kayaking? Some thoughts on kayaking while fat, safe spaces, and inclusiveness.
This International No Diet Day photo is awesome, so here are 7 other reasons you should never have to justify eating.
Defending fat-positive space.

white apple blossom trees in bloom

Other Fergusons, other Baltimores.
Our demand is simple: stop killing us.
What the media didn’t show: Baltimore’s rollerskating peacekeepers.
NYC subway dancers and musicians held a block party to protest police hires.
Black America’s lost generation speaks up.
Why no talk of Gray’s disabilities?

Climate and Sustainability
How forests can help feed the world.
Why it matters that left-wingers just won in oil-rich Alberta.
Keep it in the Ground divestment campaign attracts 200,000 supporters.

pink cherry blossom tree in park

Jobs and the Economy
-“The best philanthropy is the type that seeks to end the system that perpetually generates the need for philanthropy.”
Don’t let the new budget Whole Foods fool you–they still hate poor people.
Millennial parents are the poorest in decades.
-YES to all of this: A degrowth response to an ecomodernist manifesto.

Everything Else
Empathy cards for serious illness.
“Stranger danger” to children is vastly overstated.
Gay Israeli men and surrogate babies evacuated from Nepal, mothers left behind.
Madeline Island on Lake Superior: Restoring a multicultural society in a sacred place.
Welcome to “Bestie Row”: lifelong friends build row of tiny houses in the middle of nowhere.
How hipster florists borrowed from 16th century paintings and made flower arranging cool.
-Awwww: rescued rat and dog are best friends.
Meet 6 groups of badass activist moms.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Links, 5/10/15

  1. I love that corset you linked to. I’ve favourited the shop and think it won’t be too long until I buy something. So well priced, and in the UK too so no customs fees. You just made me very happy. 😀

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