OOTD: Galaxy and glitter

selfie of me wearing galaxy dress and sparkly hair bow in front of street art

Fashion blogger problems: you can have either a great background or someone to take your picture, but not both at once. (I do have a tripod, but I hate lugging it around, and I feel awkward using it in public, so I don’t end up using it often.)

So here’s a selfie in front of a mural, and the rest of the outfit pictures in front of my usual wall.

plus size outfit domino dollhouse galaxy dress

Dress: Domino Dollhouse, leggings: SWAK, belt: ASOS Curve, necklace: So Good, glitter bow: Crown & Glory, shoes: Fluevog

plus size outfit glitter bow, rhinestone necklace, and galaxy dress

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed in these leggings. I bought them because I needed some basic black and gray leggings, they were cheaper than Re/Dress’s teggings, and I’d heard good things about them from other bloggers.

I thought they would be made of normal leggings material, but they’re actually thinner and more tights-like, similar to teggings. That in itself isn’t a problem–but as I wore them throughout the day, they felt more and more constricting. Unlike Re/Dress’ teggings, which are snug but comfortable, these ones made my legs feel like sausages, and I couldn’t wait to take them off.

plus size outfit galaxy dress

I would love to be able to find comfortable, basic, high-quality, non-teggings leggings. (I do love my teggings, but their waistband rolls down constantly, which happens less often with regular-material leggings.) But it’s really hard to do that without being able to try them on in person, since many online stores won’t let you return leggings, and since it can be hard to tell how comfortable they are until you’ve worn them a full day anyway. So for now, I will probably just stick with teggings, and keep an eye out for sales.

close-up of my face with rhinestone necklace and glitter hair bow, and of fluevog mary jane shoes in purple and blue with red trim

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