OOTD: red and starry for Boxing Day

me and friend in front of christmas tree, both wearing red dresses

One of my friends held a party on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, and I took this as the perfect opportunity to wear both my beloved Domino Dollhouse star dress (which I also wore last year on Christmas) and my festive new Crown & Glory crown.

The crown came in my most recent Glitterati box, and I love it. One of my favorite things about the Glitterati is getting to try things that I might not have bought on my own, and that I end up loving. It’s a great way to experiment with new styles.

plus size outfit red star dress domino dollhouse and holiday themed crown

Dress: Domino Dollhouse, belt and rhinestone ring: ASOS Curve, teggings: Re/Dress, shoes: L.L. Bean, necklace and wristbands: So Good, earrings: not sure, rose ring: really old, cardigan: Kohl’s

plus size christmas outfit red dress with black cat belt

plus size outfit red star dress, cat belt, and sparkly black cardigan

This cardigan is an old favorite. I don’t wear it often since it’s missing a ton of sequins (especially on the sides, where my arms rub against my torso when I walk), but I brought it out a week or so ago and have been wearing it constantly since. It adds so much happy sparkle to all my holiday outfits.

I would love to have more sequins in my wardrobe, but most sequined garments either make me itch (because they touch bare skin, or because their lining is too thin), or have the sequin-losing problem that this one does. If someone ever invents non-itchy, non-fall-off-y sequins, I would be all over that.

plus size outfit red star dress and b lack sequin cardigan

plus size outfit black sequined jacket and red flower crown

I love how woodland-y the crown is–it’s even got a little mushroom and a pinecone! Perfect for frolicking around in forests (which I need to do more often…I haven’t been hiking in a while, and I am in desperate need of nature time).

close-up of red flower, berry, and mushroom holiday woodland crown

The green nail polish wan’t an intentional part of the Christmas-y color scheme–I did it a few days earlier because I just felt like having lime green nails–but it worked out pretty well. A darker green would have been better, but the only other green nail polish I have is mint.

two hands wearing rhinestone wristbands and rings

The party was a blast. Yes, there’s a Jewish star on top of the Christmas tree–half of the apartment’s residents are Jewish, and half are Christian. 🙂

me and steve in front of christmas tree

There was some boxing. 😉

friends boxing

… and also much coziness. I tested out a new fuzzy blanket that my friends had just received as a holiday gift, and was happy to find it quite comfortable.

me cuddled up under a red fuzzy blanket

There was also much tasty food, including these quince and spice fruit leathers that one of my friends made:

quince spice fruit leather

And much cuteness!

my friends dressed up for christmas with a santa hat

I am, as always, grateful for my community. I am so lucky to have found such an awesome group of people!

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