Product review: the BreastNest

two pictures of woman wearing a tank top with built in bra

Left: with bra underneath, right: without bra

I recently got sent two more free things to review, wheee! When it rains, it pours. 😀 This is one, and the other is a gorgeous velvet dress from eShakti that I’ll be posting about soon.

I’d had my eye on the BreastNest, which is a tank top with a built-in bra, ever since Marianne reviewed it a while back. So when its designer, Susan, offered me one, I jumped at the opportunity.

plus size woman wearing breastnest- bra alternative

The BreastNest is marketed as a bra alternative, but at least for my particular body, I’d say it’s more like an alternative to wearing a t-shirt and tucking it under my boobs (which is what I usually do when I’m sitting around at home!). It doesn’t have enough support that I’d feel comfortable wearing it outside the house, except for maybe walking a block to drop something in the nearest mailbox.

But it is made out of a super-soft material, and it has a comfortable elastic band that keeps your breasts separate from both your under-boob area and each other–which makes it perfect for wearing around the house or sleeping in. I also tried it on with a bra underneath, which turns it into a great workout top.

The BreastNest comes in sizes Medium – XXX-Large, based on the ribcage (underbust) measurement, and I am wearing it in an XX-Large. It also comes in orchid and white in every size except XXX-Large. I definitely recommend it for around-the-house wear, and depending on how much support you need to feel comfortable, you might also be able to wear it for running errands.

Note #1: I guess I should start putting a disclaimer on all my review posts that I was given this product for free, but all opinions are my own. I only review products that I like and would have considered buying anyway, so don’t worry, you won’t see me trying to sell you any random ugly things.

Note #2: The glitter hair bow is, of course, from Crown & Glory!

7 thoughts on “Product review: the BreastNest

  1. It’s been forever since I’ve found a bra comfortable enough to wear for more than a few minutes. I do the tuck a shirt under your boobs thing on a regular basis as my bra alternative. The BreastNest certainly seems worth trying. I ordered one and will let you know how I like it once it arrives. 🙂

    • I hope you like it! 🙂 I also highly recommend the Playtex 18-hour bra, which comes in a bunch of different styles that you can find on Amazon. They have no underwire, and they’re way more comfortable than most bras (although I still can’t wait to take them off when I get home). I’ve found that some of the styles ride up in the back, but others fit perfectly. And they’re cheaper than most plus size bras, too.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂 I had to take the elastic band out of the BreastNest because it was too tight, even though my band measurement actually would have suggested I should get a size smaller. I can’t tolerate elastic around my chest for some reason, it causes me a lot of discomfort and sometimes even pain. When I took the elastic out, the BreastNest functioned slightly better than tucking a shirt under my boobs: I had to re-tuck it periodically, but not as often as a normal shirt. It’s very comfortable.

  2. Ohh! This is a brilliant idea! I’m pretty lucky though only having large b-cup boobs, I never really thought too much about how different life with much bigger boobs would be until my niece lived with me for awhile. I’m going to pass this link on to a few friends!

    • Yeah, having bigger boobs is definitely a hassle. I love them, but sometimes I wish I could just take them off temporarily so I could run or jump or do jumping jacks or jump rope…they get in the way of an awful lot of things that would otherwise be fun.

      I’m glad you are passing along the link! Susan said she has already gotten a bunch of sales since I put up my post, and I am really happy to help people find something that is comfortable and useful. 🙂

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