Bonus fa(t)shion inspirations post: because PINK TUTU!

All of a sudden, it seems like the entire fatshion-o-sphere is wearing this pale pink tutu from H&M (which is currently sold out, but it’s come back in stock a few times, so keep an eye on it). It seems to run large, as it comes in sizes L – 3XL and fits bloggers who usually wear up to a UK 30/32 (US 28/30).

I am excited to see H&M make something that is both affordable and gorgeous in a wide range of plus sizes, and I really hope that they see all these bloggers wearing it–and see how quickly it keeps selling out–and realize that making more awesome plus size clothes would be good for their bottom line. I have not had much faith in H&M for a long time, especially since the plus size section disappeared from my local store, but this is a promising step in the right direction and I really hope they keep it up.

Here are the outfits featuring it that I’ve seen so far, all of which are fabulous:

The beret! The sparkly heels! The combination of girly tulle and a casual sweater! How chic is D’s outfit?!

I also love everything about Leah’s outfit, from the iridescent sequin top to the Crown & Glory glitter bow.

Claudia wears the skirt three ways in one post…

…and a fourth way in another. I don’t usually feature the same blogger twice in one roundup, but I make exceptions when there’s a PINK FREAKING TUTU involved. PINK FREAKING TUTU, you guys.

Pink tulle skirt + black top is always a classic, and a few bloggers wore it that way:

And Debz pairs it with a t-shirt and floral cardigan. Like her, I hope that the skirt comes back in stock in a plethora of colors!

Here’s one more post from Leah, in which she talks about the skirt’s sizing. Clothing sizing can be so weird and arbitrary–I have a similar skirt from Zelie for She in a 4x, which is a bit snug on me. But from everything I’ve read about this H&M version, I’d probably wear it in a 2x or maybe even a 1x. In any case, pink tulle is the best, and I definitely need to wear my Zelie for She tutu more often! (And maybe pick up the H&M one if it comes back in stock, especially if they make it in other colors.)

In summary: huzzah for tutus! Dear plus size clothing manufacturers, please make MOAR TUTUS. I will probably buy them all and make you very rich.

3 thoughts on “Bonus fa(t)shion inspirations post: because PINK TUTU!

  1. Yesssss! You made my day with this post! And also made me super envious. You see, I have had a fiasco with this skirt. I ordered it from the US site minutes before it sold out, only to be sent a pink fuzzy sweater. A UK friend took pity on me and ordered it for me. She should be sending it my way soon. But the wait is killing me.

    A pink tulle skirt seemed like an obvious must-have for me. I didn’t realize it would be so popular across the blogosphere!

    I think my favorite styling is Best of D’s. I love the wintry, dusky grays and pinks. So pretty!

    Can’t wait for mine to arrive! I’m wondering if I should have sized down. I ordered the 2X just in case since most cheap plus size shops run small. Fortunately, an elastic tulle skirt seems easy to take in if necessary.

    You have me so excited for this skirt’s arrival!

    ❤ Liz

    • That’s so exciting that you are getting this skirt, although frustrating that you had so much trouble with it! I am kicking myself for not ordering it while it was available (even though it’s similar to another skirt I have, the color and shape looks different enough that I still want it…). From everything I’ve read, it seems to run big, so a 2x might be too big on you. But maybe it will be stretchy enough that it will still fit–some elastic-waist skirts can fit a really wide range of sizes.

      I can’t wait to see the outfits you put together with it!

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