Sunday links, 3/9/14

black cat with green eyes and bowtie tag

My classy feline friend Napoleon enjoying the sun

-This is such a cool idea, and ties into everything I’ve been writing and thinking about sustainable fashion: Open source 3D knitter lets you digitally fabricate your clothes.
-I so wish I could teleport to Australia for the Curvy Couture Roadshow!
The fall runways were filled with ravers and club kids. YES.
-Amanda has started a Pinterest board for plus size bridal and bridesmaid dresses.
-The newest issue of Volup2 is out, with two full volumes of awesomeness!
Tips on wearing your ballerina skirt perfectly.
Normcore is bullshit: how class, disability, and privilege intersect with fashion.
Learning to dress “professionally” in a white man’s world.
The mysterious disappearance of Target’s plus size section, explained.

Fat Acceptance
7 fat-positive activists and bloggers you should follow.
-Issa answers the “what being a fat woman is really like” questions.
Wicked to release new plus size sex education video.
-Torontonians of color, check out this event: What is body positivity? Exploring fatness, self-esteem, and fat-positivity for indigenous, black, and people of color.
Yoga, fat, and fitness.
Chef serves up fresh insights on food, fat, and fun.
-I love this cartoon about body shapes.

A great mini-documentary on Ragen’s More Cabaret:

Climate and Sustainability
-Wen Stephenson writes about XL Dissent, the largest civil disobedience action in a generation–and how it’s about so much more than one pipeline.
Climate activists must heed the lessons of North Carolina. SO MUCH YES to this–it’s a much better-articulated version of what I was trying to say here.
Take action against Line 9: solidarity against Enbridge.
Tufts students say fear held the university back from fossil fuel divestment.
Indigenous Canadian women on what’s at stake in the tar sands resistance movement.
Teenage defender of First Nations rights becomes a comic-book superhero.
Can you guess which country may stop investing in fossil fuels?
-How Vancouver’s carbon tax is a promising solution to climate change.

Jobs and the Economy
“Do what you love”–oh, but not that! On recognizing sex work as work.
Of kale and capital: how greens grow year round.
-I can relate to this SO MUCH: We need to talk about Old Economy Steven.
The post-academic privilege divide: troubling trends in a growing movement.
-Although I’m not an adjunct, I can relate a lot to this piece on the impermanence of adjunct teaching: “Life begins to feel contingent too. I could never truly settle down because my job could disappear with the new budget cycle. Making long-term plans seemed fruitless because my situation was unstable.”

Everything Else
15 acts of women’s activism that are changing the world.
-This is so scary and wrong: Marissa Alexander now faces 60 years in prison for firing a warning shot in self-defense. For ways to help, see Free Marissa Now.
-The Trans Justice Funding Project, a community-led giving initiative supporting grassroots trans justice groups, is raising funds for their 2014 grant cycle.
-Melissa’s concept of the validity prism is brilliant: “the pervasive habit among people of privilege to filter marginalized people’s lived experiences through their own perspectives shaped by their own lived experiences in order to establish authenticity.”
-Jon Stewart nails it on the ludicrousness of right-wing criticisms of people on food stamps.
Hungry, poor queer people to become hungrier, poorer after food stamp cuts.
“White orientated”: looking at privilege in a queer, fat, black body.
Bernie Sanders is thinking of running for President in 2016. I doubt it will ever happen but I would love to see him run and win–he’s exactly what the US needs right now.
Black girls’ zero-sum struggle: why we lose when black boys dominate the discourse.
While loving Lupita, don’t forget Gabourey.
Don’t applaud Jared Leto for playing a transgender caricature.
On Disney’s Frozen, disability, passing, and self-love.
-Belle Knox, the Duke student who also works in pornography, writes about the double standard that shames porn actors while celebrating porn consumers.
-Scarleteen, an independent organization that provides comprehensive sex education to young people, will go on strike on May 1st unless they receive enough donations to sustain their work. If you can, please help them!
No, I will not take the men’s rights movement seriously.
What Nicholas Kristof gets wrong about public intellectuals.
-Ruth Jacobs interviews Meg Munoz, former sex worker, trafficking survivor, ally, and rights advocate.

This cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” is beautiful.

TCS – Robot Heart: Heart-Shaped Box – Nirvana (covered by Kawehi) from Kawehi on Vimeo.

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  1. Napolean is quite classy indeed. You have so many furry friends/neighbors. The ones in my neighborhood are mostly stray, but I would like to befriend more of them. I am glad you liked my post on Frozen!

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