A moment of silence

For Trayvon.

For his parents, who are grieving and have no justice.

For Rachel Jeantel, who said Trayvon was one of the few guys who didn’t make fun of her.

For Marissa Alexander, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing warning shots against her abusive husband–and for being a black woman–while George Zimmerman walks free.

For everyone who wasn’t surprised by the verdict, because they’d already been told so many times that their lives were worth nothing.

For the mamas who are afraid to let their sons walk to the corner store for candy and iced tea.

For a “justice” system that was never built to protect anyone but rich, het, cis white men.

For a country that allows this to happen, again and again.

For all the rage and heartsickness and the searing, bone-deep need for change.

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